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What is videostroboscopy?

A videostroboscopy, which is also known as a video stroboscopy, is a specialized diagnostic procedure that your doctor may choose to use in order to be able to identify any subtle changes in your vibratory patterns that he thinks are important. Videostroboscopy is also used whenever your doctor would like to be able to differentiate your vocal fold nodules from any vocal fold polyps or cysts that you may have.

Video stroboscopy depends upon the use of both a camera and a video recording system. Whenever a videostroboscopy is done, a video strobe, which is basically a stroboscopic light, will be used along with a laryngoscope. Together these instruments are used in order to visually slow down the motion of your vocal folds. Once this motion has been slowed down, the motion will then be video recorded. This will allow your doctor to be able to view this video stroboscopy recording on a television screen as many times as necessary as he works with you. As you can very well imagine, this procedure can be very helpful to your doctor as he works with you, since a video stroboscopy only needs to be done once, but the videostroboscopy can be viewed a variety of different times.

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