The purpose of this research study is to evaluate an experimental blood test to help doctors know when symptoms associated with COPD are becoming worse. Patients with breathing problems that are not COPD will also be enrolled. Experimental tests, such as those used on the blood collected in this study are also known as "investigational." This means the tests have not been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In this study, the accuracy of these blood tests will be determined by comparing the results with other tests as determined by your study doctor.

Your participation in this study will be limited to:

  • Up to 2 study visits for blood draws, with the blood specimen sent to the Sponsor,
  • the disclosure of other tests done to assess your breathing,
  • the disclosure of any treatment you receive or hospitalizations you have,
  • all disclosures will be sent to the Sponsor.



The following tests and procedures will be done at the first study visit. If you return to the study doctor while the study is still ongoing, you will repeat these study procedures for a second time.

  • Information about your health, medical care, medications you are taking, and treatment you are receiving will be recorded.
  • You will complete a 2-page questionnaire about your health and breathing.
  • Up to 2 tablespoons of blood (30 ml) will be drawn from your arm for the blood tests.
  • If you have not had a spirometry (a breathing test to measure how much air you inhale and exhale and how quickly you exhale) within the last year, you will also have a spirometry test.