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Doctor Review

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Very serious and proffesional staff.

It was pleasant and quick. He was very professionl and friendly

It was pleasant and quick. He was very professionl and friendly

Dr. Palgon was very nice. He addressed my issues with understanding and worked with me on the best course of action. It was a quick and easy appointment. The wait was okay, though longer than I had expected. The woman at the front desk was abrassive and unfriendly. I felt scared of her, which i don't think is good for a doctor's office setting.

Dr. Khan is an incredibly kind, professional, and thorough physician. I came to him with a decades-long history of chronic sinus infections. Dr. Khan was the first ENT I saw who took a fully integrated and preventative approach to my care. Adhering to his treatment plan has had me symptom-free for months!! I've already referred several of my family and friends to Dr. Khan.

Dr. Khan is excellent. He is very professional and thorough. I went in with an ear infection. He very gently checked my ears, explained the results of my hearing test and then suggested different treatment options. Dr. Khan was receptive to all my questions and is clearly very knowledgeable. His staff is also kind and professional.

Dr. Beckhardt and his staff provided great care during my visits.

Dr. Beckhardt and his staff provided great care during my visits.

Dr. Beckhardt and his staff provided great care during my visits.

Other then the wait in the office, the overall experience was great.

Very quick, professional staff. The office was nice and modern. Better service and pricing than I've had anywhere in NYC.

Five stars all the way ***** Had a very Pleasant and Candid experience with Dr Lebovitz - If you are looking for professional expertise combined with a fair dose of friendliness and candidness Dr Lebovitz is the doctor to go to. Our wait to meet the doctor was less than 20 Minutes, the moment the Doctor came in...he immediately did a thorough diagnosis and identified the problem immediately (Nasal Polyps) and even suggested the pros of avoiding a surgery which is what i would have preferred...Also refutes the earlier advise from another ENT specialist who advised the best alternative would be to surgically remove the Polyps. Since i had to pay out of pocket, he was also gracious enough to consider a small discount...I would definitely recommend him to anyone else with a fair confidence they will be guided appropriately.

He was funny and patient especially with my toddler there. He was so sweet. Took his time and explained in detail what was going on and what he was doing. Great experience i had and the staff was lovely! Very comfortable all the way around!

Very pleasant visit except for the relatively long wait time.

Dr. Aronzon made me feel very comfortable by explaining what tests and procedures she was doing throughout the appointment before doing them. She helped me understand my diagnosis and was quick to prescribe medicine to help me feel better as soon as possible. Although the appointment started 30 minutes later than scheduled, I was very happy with the overall experience. I will definitely be going back to her in the future!

I wish I had written this review so much earlier but I finally am getting around to it because i feel it's so important to write something helpful and positive and not just complaints.  My son had ear issues when he was 2 years old and I had resisted having the ear tube surgery because face it what mother wants their child to have ear surgery.  Well Dr. Wakefield advised us he needed the surgery, left the decision up to us and treated him well for all infections.  Then one day my son's eardrum ruptured and I knew she was right.  She was confident that the surgery would go well and rightfully so.  This doctor is top notch.  From beginning to end he was in the best care and tubes fell out in the time frame expected and he has been incident free ever since.  He is now 6 years old and swimming every Sunday.  No problems whatsoever. You can trust her with your child.

Hes great, its an ENT office so the wait time is fairly quick, hes thorough snd smart.

Very good he took the time to listen to everything I had to say and his examination was right on target

He was attentive, let us ask as many questions as needed, warm & friendly, went out of his way for us, called home to see how my daughter was feeling.

Dr. Bergstein is fantastic! He went out of his way and squeezed us in a tight schedule. Let's us ask as many questions as we need. He called at home to make sure my daughter was ok. Big smile on his face ; he's warm and friendly.