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Doctor Review

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I have seen Dr. Huang on several occasions. He is a good doctor. He has a calm and soothing bedside manner. A very satisfied patient

Dr. Michael D'Anton treat patients with respect. And he tries to treat a condition before operating.

Dr Bough saw my daughter on 12/22/27. He was polite, professional and listened to my daughter as she spoke. Dr Bough made recommendations for treatment and we couldn’t be more pleased. Great ENT! My husband had seen Dr Bough a few months ago and also loved him! Great doctor, staff . Office is great. Highly recommend!

my son is a patient of Dr. Bough's in his Oradell, NJ office. Dr. Bough has been his ENT since he was born. My son is now 9. Dr. Bough performed two surgeries on my son. Release of lip tie and tongue tie in 2015 & Tonsillectomy in August 2017. Dr. Bough is very professional, polite & has a great beside manner. He speaks to my son in a polite manner while he is examining him & explains everything he is doing. With both surgeries, my son was anxious as he was being given anesthesia. Although I was in the operating room to provide comfort, Dr. Bough also offered kind words to my son as he was going to sleep. I would recommend Dr. Bough to everyone!

This guy was one of the strangest people i have ever met. He is rude, condescending and unprofessional. He believes in a “one way conversation” (his own words). His extremely over the top, fony act of false empathy, the way he looks at you and speaks to you with his forcefully soft, monotonous creepy voice... there is something really off about this guy. He is not safe. All besides his makeup that looks like it was done by a mortician.

Easy to get an emergency appointment. Dr Schaffer was professional and took care of ear pain in one visit

on my office visit to dr. Bergstein on dec.19,2017 he was courteous,caringand as every visit made me feel relaxedand well informed about my condition and treatment for such .and answered any questions i might have had in terms i could understand as he always has in the 30+yrs. that hes been treating me.

I highly recommend Dr. Rechtweg- he's a PHENOMENAL doctor. I have recently undergone my first (and hopefully last) surgery and he made the experience as relaxing and comfortable as possible. Definitely consider visiting him if you like a Dr. with a great sense of humor- he always manages to crack some pretty funny jokes! Overall, Dr. Rechtweg has provided me with exceptional care. I appreciate how friendly, knowledgable, and comforting he is towards his patients! 10/10 would recommend.

Always a pleasure!

Outstanding service from the second I arrived. The office staff was friendly. The Doc was caring and explained everything he was doing and all that I needed to do after leaving. This will be my ENT for good.

The office space looked nice and it’s conveniently nearby the trains. I thought Dr. Colen was great, though her MA didn’t seem to care much about her job... but I’d definitely come back for the doctor. She had great bedside manner and did a quick overall check of my nose/throat even though my ear was the main concern.

I was so impressed by Dr. Zeitlin that I had to write a review. She is so knowledgeable and friendly. She makes you feel comfortable. She lets you know what she's doing while she performs exam. The staff are friendly as well. Great experience. Highly recommend.

Dr. Schaeffer was so wonderful and caring to my husband the day he came into the office with a severe nose bleed which four other doctors couldn't stop. Dr. Schaeffer stop the bleeding and sent him to the hospital. Thank You and your staff is great also.

I saw Dr. Carney for a sleep study which was followed up with an office appointment regarding the sleep study results. At this visit he removed ear wax for which my plan paid him $140, I paid $40 copayment at visit and was then billed $120. I paid $75 towards the bill through 9-17 and only owed $45. I did not receive a final but, but instead a letter from a law firm for $45! This was paid today. I was planning on seeing Dr. Carney for my future ear problems, however after this ludicrous letter for $45 from a debt collector I wouldn’t go back to him for a sneeze.

He is one of the nicest, pleasant and most knowledgeable doctors around. He never rushes me and always explains in full detail everything that is going on. He truly cares for the patient and it is extremely appreciated.

Dr. Wirtshafter is professional, smart, experienced, compassionate and gentle. I would highly recommend her.

She was great. Detailed, thorough and specific. While I hope to not have to go back, I would definitely choose Dr. Yao.

We came to Dr.. Marchlewski after my daughter experienced an unexplained instance of hives And edema. The Dr. Took the time to explain what was happening to her, possible reasons why, and exactly what he proposed we do to determine the cause...every step of the way I was impressed with his desire to ensure full understanding on our part as well as his desire to try his best to see, if possible, what may have been causing the reaction. We highly recommend Dr. Marchlewski.

Super fast and incredibly friendly

She is very professional, experienced and smart. But she is also caring. When scoping the throat or examining the ears, she is very gentle.