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Doctor Review

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Very professional and personable. The office was very clean and accommodating. I am very happy to have been recommended by my co-worker here. Thanks! :)

Dr. Michael Gordon is an excellent doctor. He is very caring and extremely competent. I have recommended him to many of my family members & friends. As a result, several have gone on to become patients of Dr. Gordon's and have been very satisfied.


I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. Choe! He is friendly, patient, knowledgeable and a very talented man in his field. By the time I came to him my ears were in a bad state and I needed to have multiple ear surgeries in order to get me back on track. He went out of his way to show me the many issues going on in my ears and the exact ways in which he'd go about fixing them. He did this in a calm and patient manner, taking as much time with me as I needed in order to understand what was going on. No question was too big or small, no concern too trivial. I saw him many times and if he was ever having a bad day, it never showed. His demeanor was always consistently upbeat. I think of him often and am grateful to have met such a wonderful doctor who is so deeply in touch with his sense of humanity.

AMAZING!!! I think everyone should go here, he helped me so much.

AMAZING!!! I think everyone should go here, hehelped me so much.

Dr Wasserman is an exceptional ent. I would recommend him to all my friends and family.

The staff were very professional.

simply 100% on all accounts

simply 100% on all accounts

simply 100% on allaccounts

The best doctor ever! Very professionally trained in Otology (ear) I needed a delicate in office procedure on my eardrum despite my anxiety and fear the doctor performed it very quickly and delicatley!

Very knowledgeable. She explained what she was doing each step of the way.

Dr. Yar and her staff showed great care and professionalism, also were very understanding of my symptoms. Everyone seemed to be passionate about what they do!

Minus the wait time, and they were short staffed at the front desk, everyone was very nice and professional, and Dr. Aviv was excellent. Great demeanor, makes you feel comfortable and explains things well.

Dr. Aronzon is very patient with an excellent bedside manner! She will delve into the issue and explain everything very clearly so you're not left confused or unsure. She also provided me with common sense options as far as treatment. I will absolutely follow up with her after my treatment and continue seeing her in the future, as needed!

I just left his office. Very professional. I suffer from severe anxiety and he went up and down to make me feel comfortable, any other doctor would just send me home and tell me to come back another time, but not him. I highly recommend dr Ciecko. Thank you very very much.

Dr. Yar is sooooooooo awesome! She is extremely kind and really cares about you getting well. I was suffering so badly when I first saw her and she took time to diagnose, explain and write a plan that worked wonders! She won me over completely when she said, "allergies are my jam!" Michelle the nurse was really sweet too, she's patient and genuine. I've been recommending them to everybody I know!

I have no clue how this guy became an ENTdoctor!! stay away..he has no clue what he's doing.

I have no clue how this guy became an ENT doctor!! stay away..he has no clue what he's doing.