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Doctor Review

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Dr. Keenan was very kind, helpful, and knowledgeable. She made me feel like a priority and treated me with sincerity. I look forward to visiting her office again.

DR Lin was attentive and understood my condition right away .I have been to different ENT doctors but Dr Lin really knew his stuff. Thanks LS

Dr. Vassallo was detailed in explaining my allergies to me. The nurse was kind and gentle as she administered the allergy test. I recommend him without hesitation. The quality of service from the reception desk, nurses, and doctor was quite superlative. Dr. Vassallo is extremely knowledgeable about his field of study and I feel as though I am in capable informative hands.

My 2 year old son was suffering from frequent ear infections which led me to take him to see an ENT. I saw Dr Nowak (allergist) at this office, whom i think is wonderful, which led me to seek an ENT at the same location thinking the experience would be just as positive. My first consultation with an ENT at this office was not a positive one, the doctor rushed and didn't really listen to my concerns, said in order to treat he needed to see an active infection. I left disappointed but still determined to get help for my son. I read some reviews and found Dr Tom. At first reluctant to go back to the practice I decided to give it another try and am SOOO HAPPY that i did! Dr Tom is so compassionate and professional. He let us ask all the questions we needed and listened. He did not rush our appointment, we felt like our son was his priority as if we were the only ones scheduled. We mutually decided to have ear tubes placed in his ear, Dr Tom being the surgeon. I was nervous leading up to the appointment so i'd call the office and he would always take my calls and answered all my questions. The surgery went great he greeted us with a smile and after surgery was done came an explained everything to us. Also answered all my calls the days following my sons surgery. Dr Tom is truly a gem at this practice, I would recommend a million times over. I am looking forward to my sons follow up visits with Dr Tom!

My family has had nothing but positive experiences with Dr. Surrow! While his speaking g into the dictaphone is a bit annoying at times, I feel like I know exactly what is going on and can correct him if he has missed understood something . I also, like that I know that my records will be accurate as I am right there when they are being created.

Doctor Colon was awesome. Figured out my sinus issue within minutes, was very detailed, answered all my questions and heard all my concerns with patience. I highly recommend Dr. Colen!

Everything wonderful no complaints. Scheduling appointment, staff, Dr himself is a 5 star.

I suffered from sinusitis for years. My nose was always stuffy, I felt horrible and I lived with a box of tissues next to me. Dr. Fishman suggested the sinuplasty and turbinate surgery. Dr. Fishman said I would feel a difference immediately and would be able to breathe. I was very nervous but Dr. Fishman walked me threw every step and made sure I was ok.. Dr. Fishman really changed my life for the better! Dr. Fishman's staff is always so nice and helpful. Danielle at the front desk is so nice and is always willing to help you with whatever you need. Thank you !!!

Dr. Markowitz explained everything very clearly and thoroughly. He gave me a thoughtful plan and answered all my questions. I felt confident in our plan when I left. And the office staff is friendly.

I have nothing but great things to say about Dr. Marchlewski! He is an extremely knowledgeable physician and I will continuously recommend people to him. I truly appreciate how detailed and professional he is. It is important to me to understand my condition, the causes and how to work towards a solution. Dr. M is great at walking you through this!! I am currently on allergy shots therapy ...about two months in and I have seen significant progress as well. Totally satisfied with my care here!

Dr. Lebovitz was friendly, knowledgeable, and thorough. I was comfortable even through not so easy times, and trusting his judgements. I strongly recommend him. The entire staff is also friendly.

Got to the office a few minutes early, he was able to see me before my appointment time (fantastic). Very professional, explained everything to me in detail, nurses there were also courteous and professional!

Hands down, my first visit to see Dr. Mithani and the facility was the best ever!!!! The facility was clean, in order, and huge. The staff were all friendliness, prompt, and accurate. The people there understood my needs and I didn't feel like I was being rushed. The process to sign in was different for me because they use an electric iPad to fill out paper work as well as making Your co-pay with a single swipe. Love it!!!!!

Dr. Mithani is great! She listened to my concerns and thoroughly explained everything she prescribed and what to expect. She is very professional but also very personable. Definitely won't hesistate to schedule the next appointment. Maria & Roshni were very helpful as well, they made sure I left with all the right materials (pamphlets, coupons, labs, etc). Overall i had a very satisfying appointment.

I only waited about 10 minutes beyond my appointment time. The ladies at the front desk were friendly and helpful. The technician who performed the scratch and breathing tests was so nice, explained everything . Dr. Vassallo was wonderful! Explained everything in detail, answered all my questions and is working with me to alleviate my allergies once and for all. I'd been to 2 other doctors and am so glad I came here!

Dr. Wasserman has cared for every member of our family ranging in ages from 7 months to 40+ years old. He is caring, warm, and extremely experienced, but also he is a great listener and sincerely hears what the patient says and prefers for treatment methods. He is our #1 choice for ENT.

Overall a very good experience

Very professional and felt comfortable from beginning to end!

Very professional and friendly, I would recommend him.

Upon signing in, I only waited 5 min before I was called into exam room. A nurse took my vitals and we added some info to my patient history. Upon entry, Dr. Block actually THANKED ME for choosing this practice to tend to my issue. I couldn't believe the graciousness and kindness he bestowed. I was blown away at that point, but it gets better. He looked at the problem area, explained to me what he was going to and proceeded without issue. He was attentive, concerned and professional. AAA+++