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Doctor Review

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I have been having a rash on and off for the past several months and could not figure out what the issue was. I saw Dr. Ambrosio and he figured out exactly what the problem was. Dr. Ambrosio was excellent. He explained everything in detail to me and took the time to answer any and all questions I had. He is kind, compassionate and funny but still professional. He truly cares about his patients. The front desk and his nurses were friendly and thorough as well. I will be going back to see him for any issues I have and will absolutely refer him to my family and friends.

Dr. Block is awesome. Always takes the time to explain everything.

Dr. Beckhardt is probably the best doctor that has ever treated me. He cares & he takes his time. I had a very complicated case and he took it rather than turn me away. The surgery he gave me was a life changing experience & I will be forever grateful.

Dr. Beckhardt is probably the best doctor that has ever treated me. He cares & he takes his time. I had a very complicated case and he took it rather than turn me away. The surgery he gave me was a life changing experience & I will be forever grateful.

Very nice and knowledgeable man. Appreciated him listening to me and giving me the information that two other doctors did not.

Dr. Beckhardt was excellent. Very thorough in explaining what my diagnosis were. Made me feel very comfortable and answered all my questions.

Great doctor, clueless front desk staff.

Dr. Driver installed a tube in my 80-year-old ear which has been a huge help. He just removed it after one year. He suggests watching to see if installing a new one is needed, a cautious approach I admire. He is very considerate, not arrogant in any way.

My visit with Dr Yarmohammadi was excellent and I would highly recommend seeing her. Every staff member I interacted with was friendly, helpful and quick! I was in with the nurse within 10 minutes of arriving, even though I was 20 minutes early for the appointment. Dr Yarmohammadi gave me a full treatment plan and had excellent recommendations for preventative measures I can take to lessen my allergies.

I saw DR Sinnreich when I could not get an appointment with DR Seiko. When he saw me I said I always come to ENT allergy and he replied , I must be second fiddle you always see Dr Seiko. I started to explain my condition and he said get to the point. Very poor bedside manner and did nothing to try and alleviate my anxieties. I had a eustation tube problem and he wanted me to go to an audiologist. Also he only looked in my ears. He never looked up the nose or at my throat to see how congested I was. Terrible doctor, cold and heartless. I would never see him again. I should demand my money back for the visit

I have been experiencing issues with my sinus for a few years now and have been going to my primary doctor for treatment. I recently decided to pay a visit to Dr. Brody and her team at ENT & Allergy and was impressed with the attention that was given to the areas of concern I had. Not only was her knowledge and feedback more in depth, they have the tools to look in there and make a good assessment. She was also very friendly and took her time explaining how everything works. From checking in with the staff at the front desk to checking out, Dr. Brody and her team was a great choice. Highly recommended.

Very personable and knowledgeable. Had a wonderful bedside manner which is rare to find in accomplished specialists. I would highly recommend Dr. Ephrat to others in need of an ENT

Dr. Ephrat is one of the best physicians I have ever come across. He is professional & an expert in his field. I've been going to him for several years for any ENT-related issues; he is efficient with his treatment plan & with answering all my questions. I had a sinus surgery with Dr. Ephrat a few years ago as well as a rhinoplasty just recently. I can honestly say I'm happy with the results. For both surgeries, I had no bruising & very minimal swelling. Also, the office staff is very friendly!

Great amazing Doctor very helpful very professional perform surgery on my son . Will go back to him again for sure . Thanks Doctor

Phenomenonally detailed, helpful, and clear.

I really like Dr. Palgon a lot. He's gentle, straightforward, and kind. The practice is also excellent- the exceptional administrative team deserves a nod. They have early and late hours, always have someone available, and are exceedingly helpful and friendly. I was seen right away.

Dr. Markowitz was on point with his diagnose and treatment, very professional and to the point, while explaining everything as he did the check up

Dr. Wakefield was great with my very scared 7 yr old. She was patient and spoke to my child as well as me. She was very informative, explained everything. Staff was also kind and the office is very clean. 100% recommendations all the way around. I drove over an hr to get there and would do it again!!

Dr. Ciecko is very professional, easy to communicate with, and answers all questions. I'm very satisfied and happy to have been referred to him.

Have seen him twice and both appointments were great. Staff is helpful and professional, very quick and he takes the time to explain what is occurring and next steps.