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Doctor Review

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I really like Dr. Palgon a lot. He's gentle, straightforward, and kind. The practice is also excellent- the exceptional administrative team deserves a nod. They have early and late hours, always have someone available, and are exceedingly helpful and friendly. I was seen right away.

Dr. Markowitz was on point with his diagnose and treatment, very professional and to the point, while explaining everything as he did the check up

Dr. Wakefield was great with my very scared 7 yr old. She was patient and spoke to my child as well as me. She was very informative, explained everything. Staff was also kind and the office is very clean. 100% recommendations all the way around. I drove over an hr to get there and would do it again!!

Dr. Ciecko is very professional, easy to communicate with, and answers all questions. I'm very satisfied and happy to have been referred to him.

Have seen him twice and both appointments were great. Staff is helpful and professional, very quick and he takes the time to explain what is occurring and next steps.

I had a rhinoplasty with Dr.Paul E. Kelly , he's amazing and did such a great job. The results are great. I'm so happy with my new nose. I high recommend him to my friends. He's the best

I had a rhinoplasty with Dr.Paul E. Kelly , he's amazing and did such a great job. The results are great. I'm so happy with my new nose. I high recommend him to my friends. He's the best

My kids have been seeing dr Mehta for a few years already. She is a very nice and caring physician. I like that she is always up to date with anything related to food allergies!

I feel better

Dr. Surow is excellent—a top doctor clinically and a caring human being. He has treated my daughter over 6 years, and performed her adenoid surgery. He is consistently extremely thorough, listens carefully, and explains medical details more clearly than most doctors. He is great with both children...

He was very professional and kind he listen to my complaints and find what was bothering me.

Been suffering from sinus/ear issues for the better part of 2 years. Finally went to Dr. Park and feel as if I actually found some answers. Dr. Park was very friendly and very thorough. I find that often times doctors do not spend time trying to understand your symptoms. We reviewed my medical records from my previous doctors. Dr. Park took the time to understand my symptoms completely and now I have a course of treatment that is working for me.

I've had nothing but truly positive experiences every time I've seen Dr. Mehta. She is a true clinician that assesses you every time and reflects back on your history to make sure she misses nothing. She is kind and compassionate and extremely clinically knowledgeable. She does not over treat and is very preventive in her approach. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a new allergist. She's an excellent clinician.

Saw her for penicillin allergy testing for my son. She's very knowledgeable, thorough & kind. I'm a nurse so I've seen it all; highly reccomend her (as well as the ENT doctors in her practice as I work with them at their surgery center)

I'm still going to Dr. Bonafede after about 3 years and I just wanted to update my review by saying that he is a consummate professional. The office functions very smoothly when I am there and I am treated with consideration always. I highly recommend Dr. Bonafede to anyone who is looking for a friendly and capable ENT specialist.

I am very satisfy with the visit, knowledgeable and attentive. I highly recommended

Dr. Godin is one of the Best Doctors who earned my trust from the first visit. He will continue to be one of the best since his care, patience, and understanding of how to be a doctor amaze each time I visit his office. His staff are awesome, they are so helpful and caring . What a wonderful crew. Thank you Dr. Godin for being an amazing doctor.

Dr. Godin is an incredibly professional individual, as are all of his staff. From the minute I step into his office, I know that my experience will be quick, yet very thorough. I couldn't recommend him enough.

It's always nice when a doctor tells you "he won't give up until you feel better!"

This doctor was one of the best, if not THE BEST, I have ever seen. I had a complicated issue that I went to a number of physicians to discuss. None of them were able to get to the root cause of my problem, let alone solve it, until I went to see Dr. Godin. Not only is he smart and extremely competent, but he takes the time to go through the facts and options with you so that you can make good decisions about your course of treatment. He also makes complex medical issues easy to understand in layman's terms which I really appreciate. I have seen some reviews complaining about long wait times in his office. I have a few things to say about that. 1) Who wants to go to an office where the doctor has no patients or strong following. That is like eating at an empty restaurant. The crowd says a lot about his skill; 2) When you see the time he takes with you its easy to understand how he can run behind. Frankly that is a trade off I will take everyday of the week; and 3) When you have an emergency, he is there for you. He will fit you in as he did for me. In short, this is one of the best doctors I have ever met. I can't thank him enough for the quality of life he has restored to me. He pairs cutting edge technology and medical knowledge with an old fashion approach to patient care from a relationship perspective. I cannot recommend him highly enough.