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Doctor Review

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Our two young sons suffered chronic ear infections until we brought them to Dr. Godin. . We needed a specialist to finally diagnose and treat our children and we were so fortunate to find Dr. Godin! His excellent care, incredibly helpful staff, and personal follow up attention have been unparalleled in our experience navigating doctors' offices. We highly recommend Dr. Godin!

Bringing my two young sons to Dr. Godin has been one of the best decisions I have made as a parent. They both suffered from chronic ear infections and Dr. Godin's excellent care, perfect tube placement procedures, and incredible follow up has made all the difference! Thank you so much Dr. Godin for taking such wonderful care of our boys!

Dr Godin is excellent knowledgable and very professional. I highly recommend him.

I would absolutely recommend Dr. Godin. He was my first and only choice. He exceeded my expectations at a time when I felt helpless. He is a great doctor.

Beside the wait time... This Physician and his office staff were incredible. My experience with everyone was pleasant and satisfying. Dr. Godin was very knowledgeable of my ailment and had a plan of action ready to go. He even had his office manager assist with getting a speedy visit for the MD I was referred to at the Eastside office. Terrific Team!

I admire a doctor's office with compassion and empathy and Dr. Godin's office is exactly that. My visit ran pretty late today, but when I realized why I more than understandable. While I waited, his staff gave me an update every 15 mins or so and apologized for the wait. I was even given 2 coffee gifts cards by the office manager which was super nice! END RESULT: Dr. Godin really took the time to listen and truly care for me. He's DEFINTELY worth being your designated ENT.

He was very thorough- took care of my problem and went further with testing and another appointment.

Very pleasant and informative. He's a great doctor!!!

I first met Dr Godin in Fall, 2009, when my Primary Doctor sent me to diagnose a swollen gland in my neck. Dr Godin was (and is) very personable, professional and totally focused on the needs of his patients. He brings both intensity and quiet confidence to his practice that I instantly knew I was in very good hands. Dr Godin did a biopsy of the lymph node. A few days later, he told me that it was cancerous, and that I had Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma. He also called an Oncologist from his office, which led to further tests, 6 months of chemo, snd eventually total remission from cancer. Recently, My Primary Doctor referred me to Dr Godin again, and he is still the same friendly, focused professional that I do much admire.

Dr. David Godin is professional, caring and concerned for his patients.  His office staff is also very attentive and the wait time is minimal.  The office follow up is excellent and I would recommend Dr Godin to anyone with ENT and allergy issues.

Dr. Godin is great! He was very thorough and polite. The wait time was a little bit extensive but they knew up front and told us right away. He was also very apologetic. Otherwise, I would definitely go back.

Dr. Godin is great! He was very thorough and polite. The wait time was a little bit extensive but they knew up front and told us right away. He was also very apologetic. Otherwise, I would definitely go back.

Very friendly doctor and nice office, but wait time (2h) was unacceptable, especialy with young children!!

Very professional, friendly, personal, knowledgeable. Would recommend.

Dr. Godin was excellent and so was his medical assistant.

The doctor was great-attentive and helpful. The wait was too long

If they could have seen me on time I might have had a better experience, everything else was great but it messed up days plans a lot.

Great doc... Super efficient and fixed me up good. Would definitely return in the future.

My dad highly recommends him! He was not feeling well and came back feeling 100%.

Dr Godin was great! He answered all of my questions and made me feel comfortable with the remedies he proposed to not only fix the problem now, but prevent it from continuously occurring. I've already scheduled a follow up to do some allergy diagnosis as step1 with him for next week. I have faith that he'll be able to find me a good solution.