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Doctor Review

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Dr. O'Donnell figured out my problem and took great care with me. I feel great after so many years of suffering with my sinuses. Dr. O'Donnell is so patient and made sure I fully understood what he was explaining to me. He has wonderful bedside manner with me and my family members. Thank you Doctor.

Once in a very long time, if you are lucky enough, you will get the chance to meet a very good service provider like Dr. Aylon Glaser. I interact with a lot of people on a daily basis so I can say I have already got the talent of recognizing an outstanding professionals. Dr. Glaser helped my dad after he lost his hearing in his left ear. The evaluation process was quick and painless, the doctor sent my dad to do a hearing test which was done immediately in the same facility, than the doctor set down with us for 20 minutes giving my dad information about all his options and answer all of our annoying questions. I was very impressed with the doctor's patience and knowledge. My dad was very worried when we came but relieved when we left and that's all that matters to me.

My Dad (end stage dementia) was having trouble breathing, the staff asked a lot of questions and it jogged my memory that it happened before which was helpful. When my Dad was coughing they got him water to make it easier to swallow. Dr. Keenan decided to keep home since it happened before and that he would have 24-hour care and not do well in the ER. She even helped with another major issue I was having. The staff was wonderful with my father.

Dr. Mithani and her staff were so incredibly nice to me. Unfortunately the health issues I have are not caused by allergies so they were not able to help me but I'm so grateful for the time and attention they gave me. I would definitely recommend this office for any allergy or pulmonary issues.

Dr. Glaser is fantastic. I was greeted politely and spoken to professionally. There was no talking down to the patient, yet Dr. Glaser explained everything carefully. My favorite part is that I walked away with a report detailing my visit, diagnosis, treatment plan, etc. He was thorough and friendly. Also, this doctor's office uses technology that makes it easier, more accurate, and faster to get treatment. 

As an MD myself, I do my research before going to a new doc. Dr. Godin is an excellent clinician, weighing all the pluses and minuses of therapies, and engages you in the discussion. I trust his clinical judgment, and after seeing him twice for different issues - he's my ENT specialist in NYC.

Dr. Aviv is the most amazing health professional I've seen for care in the last 3 to 5 years. He was thorough in getting to the root of my issues and gave me advice and care that were effective. He boosted my confidence about recovering, and gave me information as to the cause of my ailments in the first place, then prescribed the road to my recovery which started with changing the bad habits that created my problems in the first place. He gets my top recommendation in all areas. I was there, I dealt with him myself. He's the man!

Excellent. Dr. Mitzner was very patient with my 4 year old and put him at ease the moment he walked in. He is willing to explain things clearly, the office is well run and I am so glad I found Dr. Mitzner.

Dr. Glaser was great and answered all my questions with straight answers. He quickly solved my problem and warned me of anything that may have caused my issue. He also gave me great advice moving forward. I would highly recommend Dr. Glaser and his staff.

Dr. Skripak is always very caring and very patient with children. He is very thorough with my child care, making sure i as a parent understand the treatment and diagnosis of my child. Thank you for caring.

Dr. Mehta is the absolute BEST! You can get an appointment quite quickly to see him, you don't wait long at the office for your visit, his office staff is friendly and helpful, and both of his offices are nice, clean, and up to date. As far as Doctors goes, he is AWESOME! He is so friendly, he is approachable and easy to talk to, he spends his time with you, he is experienced, and extremely smart. You can tell that he is a Doctor who truly cares about his patients. After putting it off for a few years, I had to have surgery last year and I met with a couple of ENT's who I wasn't confident in. I met with Dr. Mehta on recommendation and I was reassured that he was a great ENT. I had surgery with him and he was a class act. He met with me before we went into the OR and answered all my questions personally and was extremely reassuring. He met with my family after the procedure to talk to them and personally called me the next day to see how I was doing. I followed up with him after and have seen him since for other problems, and I always get great care from him and his staff. Any patient in need of an ENT, I highly recommend Dr. Mehta.

I went to Dr. Ephrat for the first time today about a septoplasty and I've never experienced a doctor who really cares as much as he did. We spent almost 30 minutes discussing all the questions I had. He didn't rush me and his attention to detail is superb. I'm not someone who ever writes reviews either, but this man was so kind and thoughtful, it was the least i could do. I recommend him 110%. You won't be disappointed.

Dr. Mitzner is a wonderful doctor. He cares about his patients overall health and takes the time to make his patients feel at ease during the exam. I highly recommend him.

Highly recommend Dr. Diver, he listened attentively to my complaints and concerns, did a thorough exam, diagnosed, gave me a treatment plan. He was also compassionate which is rare these days. I will most certainly follow up with Dr. Driver and would not hesitate to recommend him to my family and friends.

Thank you for your skill and kindness before, during and following my mothers surgery. (of course i am writing this on behalf of my mother :) ) I feel (and all m family feel) like she cannot thank you enough.

Dr. Godin is an unbelievable physician. His knowledge, staff, surgical skill and caring nature make him one of the best doctors I have ever used. His ability to accurately identify problems and the root cause of issues both in and outside his area of expertise is truly exceptional. His bedside manner, especially with young children, is amazing. When your child has any issue, you are naturally overprotective and worried as a parent. I felt complete confidence with Dr. Godin as I immediately knew my child was in great hands with a doctor who both cared and was quickly available if I had to reach him. These days, it is very uncommon to have a doctor who is a true expert when it comes to diagnosis and surgical skill while caring about you as a person at the same time. Dr. Godin is that rare doctor. As you can see by my review, I cannot say enough good things about him. If you are in need of an ENT, or have gone to others that could not help you, this is your doctor.

I thought the staff was lovely. The facilities are nice and clean. Dr. Baum was very warm and thorough.

My Experience with the services of Dr. John Sugrue of your office are best expressed on the below poem I composed to thank him. He is the best. Poem: If you don't know what to do, see the doctor John Sugrue. A gifted surgeon with a knife, who you can trust with your life. Hes dedicated, competent and a nice guy. His experience and knowledge he will apply. To make your life a better one, to enjoy and have some fun...

Dr Hekiert fixed a sinus problem I have lived with my entire life! I have seen other ENT's, but none who bothered to try to find the source of my chronic infections and cure me! She is caring and committed, a trait rarely found in health care today.

Amazing, amazing doctor. He was very personable and gentle. I came to him with a hearing problem that I was almost positive was earwax build up. He was honest with me the whole time he was attempting to clean out my ear, and actually removed the back of an earring from my ear that had to be sitting there for about a year. I will be seeing Dr. Farhad Chowdhury again soon for routine check-ups with my ears and ear cleanings. Both him and his staff made me feel very comfortable and were just so NICE. I would recommend this doctor to anyone, very gentle and well-educated , takes the fear out of doctor visits.