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Doctor Review

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Dr. Poulos was very knowledgeable and attentive. He provided me with loads of information and made sure I felt comfortable with everything that was told to me. He asked lots of questions before he examined me to get a better understanding of my condition. He has a great bedside manber and would highly recommend him.

I became a patient of Dr. Hekiert’s several years ago when I was suffering from a thyroid condition. I went to many doctors over many months, but none of them could alleviate my symptoms. It wasn’t until I went to Dr. Hekiert that I was given an effective treatment plan. Dr. Hekiert was able to help me in ways that other doctors could not because she is knowledgeable, diligent, and concise in her work. It is apparent upon first meeting her that she is a highly skilled doctor, but it is something greater than that which separates her from the rest. She is empathetic and compassionate toward my concerns and she goes above and beyond to make me feel important and understood. She makes my health a priority to her by checking in on me or by patiently answering all of my questions. When seeing her engage with other patients or her staff, it is obvious that the warmth and thoughtfulness she has shown me is not unique. While medicine is a science that can be taught, the kind-heartedness and altruism that Dr. Hekiert possesses cannot. The rapport she has with her patients is rare and unmatched. Dr. Hekiert’s extraordinary capabilities as an ENT combined with her considerate nature make her the best doctor that I have ever been treated by.

I am absolutely blown away by the impact Dr. Portnoy's work has had on my quality of life. I had been to 3 doctors before him and was frantic as I could barely speak. Doctor Portnoy immediately found the problem and performed corrective surgery. I cannot express how good it feels to be normal again.

Dr. Aronzon was very pleasant and knowledgable. Very gentle with the procedure that she did. I didn't feel rushed , and she answered all of or questions.

I have been seeing Dr. Hekiert for the past couple of years and each time I go, I am treated as part of her family. Dr. Hekiert is very knowledgeable and accurate in diagnosis. She guided me through terrible sinus problems where she even called my home to see how I was feeling. In addition, she remembers everything I told her, even if it was 2 years ago. I have seen many ENTs in NJ and I usually do not recommend doctors; however, Dr. Hekiert is the best and I highly recommend her. The office staff is also extremely friendly and accommodating. For any ears, nose, and throat problems, your answers are here with Dr. Hekiert and her wonderful staff.

Dr. Anna was great, she took the appropriate amount of time with me and was very nice.

OMG....I love Dr. Hekiert. She has been a godsend for me. Started with her 2 years ago. I've been suffering since I was 4 years old from allergies, other sinus problems and recurring sinus infections, and at 59 years old, I was at my wits end. Had gone to other ENT's for treatment and even sinus surgery and got no relief. I was miserable. I saw Dr. Hekiert on my first visit. This has to be one of the best choices I ever made. She interviewed me for over 45 minutes before she even examined me. After several tests, including a CT of my skull/sinus', we met again to review all my test results. That meeting was life changing for me. I had had one of these tests going back many years ago, and surgery to "correct" the so called problem. Dr. Hekiert showed me the CT scan and showed/told me something my old ENT should have told me but didn't......that I had NO SINUS' in my forehead and had some malformations in the sinus' I have. She said she could correct the problem but first I'd have to go through a non surgical maintenance process to get the infections under control and get my sinus' healthy. The infections have decreased significantly. So far, so good. And surgery will happen when I choose. I have complete confidence in her and I highly recommend her to anyone who has sinus problems.

Dr. Messenger is a great doctor. He is very thorough, and is very compassionate. He takes his time with you and will answer as many questions you may have or are worried about. You leave his office with a sense of relief. Also his staff is very polite and you are seen on time.

The doctor did a thorough job and I am encouraged that I am now on the path to recovery!

The doctor did a thorough job and I am encouraged that I am now on the path to recovery!

I had chronic sinus infections for years and Dr. Fishman helped me become infection free and breath easier. ENT and Allergy is a great practice.

Dr. Messenger has treated me for frequent sinus infections. He also helped treat me while I was pregnant and was so helpful and caring. He truly wanted to make me feel better an I am so grateful for his help.

Dr. Bergstein repaired my deviated septum and removed all of the polyps and inflammation that I had in my sinuses. I am now able to breath through my nose again, after years of suffering. Friendly and professional staff too. Highly recommend.

Dr. Aronzon was smart, patient, professional and thorough. Great credentials. I would highly recommend her.

Dr. Bergstein is a great guy and a fabulous doctor. I have had problems with my sinuses since I was young, and he's the first doctor (and I have been to plenty) who actually helped me. He has an excellent staff, and your waiting time in his office is rarely more than a few minutes

Dr. Portnoy accurately diagnosed my voice issue after I saw numerous professionals who were unable to do so. He performed a successful surgery that essentially saved my teaching career and way of life. Throughout the entire process, he was very personable, encouraging, and professional. In addition, his practice has seems to have the most current and productive technology for diagnosis and treatment. I will recommend Dr. Portnoy to any person who is seeking ENT services in the future!

I have been a patient of Dr. Ephrat for many years. He is a great doctor. Super knowledgeable and spends time with you explaining and answering all your questions. He is also on the Dr. Oz show all the time.

Everything went flawlessly. Very quick and efficient. Totally recommend her!

I've had trouble breathing almost my whole life. doctor chowdhery tried a few different options to help me breathe easier. he recommended doing an in office procedure called a turbinate reduction. The procedure took about 10 to 15 minutes. No pain, no discomfort. By the time he finished even though i was numb you could immediately feel a difference. It took about 2 days for the swelling to reduce to feel the full benefits but i can't believe how much better i am breathing. I wish i did this year's ago. The staff is very polite and answer any questions or concerns you may have. I would definitely recommend Dr. Chowdhury and ent and allergy to anyone looking for relief.

Excellent visit. Had to take time filling out new patient info. I could have done that on line. Once I completed the paperwork I was seen. She answered all questions and gave a thorough exam. She gave me a computer printout of the visit which I found quite helpful. I would recommend Dr. Yao to a friend.