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Doctor Review

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Today I had an appointment with Dr. Poulos at his office in Astoria. Dr. Poulos listened to my concerns about my ear problem. He examined my ears and answered all my questions. I needed a hearing test and was given one at this appointment also. I was given a thorough hearing examination by the audiologist Rachel Marcus. I was more than pleased with my visit and would recommend Dr. Poulos and his staff.

He was the best doctor I have ever met with. He was insightful, smart, but also extremely relatable to all ages. He made accommodations to help me and my family and I couldn't have appreciated it more.

Dr. Leventhal is absolutely professional, amazing and genuine. He is extremely knowledgeable and personable as well. He handled the MRSA I had quickly and efficiently. I don't even have a scar! He also handles my cosmetic procedures which keep me looking refreshed, beautiful and not overdone. Kudos to Dr. Leventhal.. I will continue to be a loyal patient.

I recently had extensive surgery for chronic sinusitis, a deviated septum and the removal of polyps. Dr. Leventhal is the best. Right from the beginning, Dr. Leventhal explained step by step what procedures needed to be done to help me breathe again. Everything went exactly as he had told me. I had very little discomfort and recovery was very fast. Dr. Leventhal is very knowledgeable in his field and very personable. When my condition was getting unbearable, I went to an ENT group and was very unhappy with them. I then went to Dr. Leventhal and he corrected all my problems. I highly recommend Dr. Douglas Leventhal for all your ENT needs. It was the best move I ever made. Thank you Dr. Leventhal.

My experience with Dr. Gordon has always been great.I have had vertigo and chronic ear problems all my life and he has corrected the vertigo in one visit. The ear issues have been controlled because he really spends extra time to explain what he is doing and what to expect. I would highly recommend him. I have been his patient for 10 years.

Almost always on time. Excellent doctor's office. Wouldn't change doctor's for the world. Dr. Wirshafter is terrific.

Dr. Portnoy provided incredible care to me following a vocal fold hemorrhage scar, and helped me to treat my LPR, as well as evaluate a cist and vocal fold paresis. He also referred me for vocal therapy, in addition to a CT scan and GI Evaluation. Dr. Portnoy is not only incredibly intelligent and professional, with firm command of his medical specialty, but he is one of the very few doctors I have seen who is 100% present when speaking to me. He looks you right in the eye and listens without distraction. I highly recommend Dr. Portnoy!

Straight to the point, very informative Definitely going to be a regular here.

I highly recommend Doctor Portnoy. I saw him for acid reflux and throat problems, and he definitely knows his stuff. Very thorough. He is also a very cool, down to earth guy.

He was AWESOME. The reason for my visit turned out to be a big nothing, but he was so thorough and made me feel so comfortable. I told him I'm usually AWFUL at doctors and he made jokes and explained to me what was going on and felt so much better. I'm so impressed! It's a shame I have no reason to go back to see him, I liked him that much!

Dr. Habib and staff are amazing! My daughter has such a fear of doctors, but Dr. Habib made her feel at ease, and she actually looks forward to visiting his office. The best part is that we are always seen at the time of our appointment. I've never had to wait! I highly recommend ENT and Allergy Associates.

Dr. Lazar is very professional, attentive, helpful, and thorough. She makes you feel at ease and explains everything clearly to you. Informs you what options you have and what her recommendations are. I needed a medication change, and she herself called to talk to me which doctors usually never do, they get the nurses. I am usually hard to please. Very impressed by her. Thanks Dr. Lazar!!

Dr Leventhal treated me for a severe nose bleed and I found him to be thorough and caring. He took the time to alleviate my fears and answer all my questions. He was approachable and did not make me feel rushed. I would highly recommend him!

Dr. Ephrat is absolutely the best! He is exceptionally competent and extremely caring. I have been his patient for about 10 years and I truly believe he saved my life. Because Dr. Ephrat identified suspicious growths on my tongue and in my neck, he strongly suggested biopsies of both. Because of his accurate vigilance, the biopsies were performed and cancer was diagnosed before it progressed further. 5 STARS +++ ALL THE WAY!

Knowing Dr. Joel Portnoy was one of a select few doctors inducted into the prestigious American Laryngological Society, I decided to bring my wife and mother-in-law to him for throat problems they were both having. He examined, diagnosed and treated both of them quickly, correctly, professionally and confidently. He patiently answered all of our questions and made us feel comfortable at his office. I would recommend only Dr. Portnoy for ear nose or throat problems.

I went today and saw Dr. Ramez Habib because of dizziness. He was able to confirm that I have a mild case and gave me an exercise to do. He was extremely professional, he took the time to explain what was going on with me and why it was happening. He helped explain what the next steps could be if this doesn't go away. He is awesome and I'm so glad that I found him! I also found the staff to be extremely helpful and kind.

Dr. Wirtshafter and the entire group of Dr's and staff at ENT and Allergy in Parsippany NJ are wonderful. I have been a patient of the group for many years and I am always treated very well. I have a chronic condition so I have regular visits to the office but I am always greeted with a smile and made to feel welcomed by the group. In particular Dr. Wirtshafter is a very gentle Dr. and she always takes the time necessary to help me out. She has performed many in office procedures and two surgeries on me. I am very happy with her and the entire group.

Very professional, very well educated, and very caring. I have had surgery and it worked. Part of my sinus condition is just the way god made me, my sinus's do not drain properly on their own. Dr Wirtshafter has been excellent in diagnosing and treating my perpetual sinus condition.

Great first visit, provided an understandable explanation of my diagnosis and was great at answering questions, making sure I was fully understanding what he was saying.

Excellent. He is the kind of doctor most other doctor should take listens from. He was very attentive and listened to all my questions and concerns. Highly recommended.