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Doctor Review

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I am extremely pleased with Dr Bough. I find him to be personable,knowledgable and most of all very proactive in his field.

I had Dr Bough recommended to me by my Primary Care Physician after I had experienced several sinus infections. I knew I had the right ENT on the first appointment. Dr Bough explained my entire problem inclusive of the corrective measures needed which included sinus surgery. It has been one year since my surgery and I am happy to say that he solved my problems and I have been sinus problem free!!! Thank you Dr Bough!

Dr. Mehta was wonderful. My husband was very nervous when he arrived but was great when he left!

This office is awesome. Dr. Mehta is outstanding, caring and very informative! Claudia is very considerate amd professional. The staff is professional as well. Not liking being sick, but coming here is a great experience.

I have nothing but good things to say about Dr. Chowdhury, Terry and the front desk staff. Everyone was friendly and compassionate. Dr. Chowdhury is amazing – knowledgeable, personable and competent. I will recommend the office to anyone who needs this kind of care. Thank you for helping me recover!

I think he's a great doctor and friendly.

Dr. Aviv is an exceptional doctor. He not only concerns himself with his patient's ear, nose and throat problems, he takes the time to concern himself about their other health problems. I OWE MY LIFE TO DR, AVIV. When he heard that my cardiologist and internist were not taking my breathing problems seriously, he became irate. As a result, I went to another internist. She ordered an ambulance. A catheterization of my heart was done at the hospital . It revealed that I had severe aortal stenosis, and I was operated on days later.

Dr Bradley is a very knowledgable, kind and professional physician. Great with the paient as well as the parent. My daughter was first seen in the ER by Dr Bradley and he addressed her problem immediately and saved her life. I have a great respect for him.

She is always very helpful and attentive. You don't feel rushed and she is very knowledgable in this field. I felt very secure knowing that she was doing everything possible to get my vertigo under control.

She is always very helpful and attentive. You don't feel rushed and she is very knowledgable in this field. I felt very secure knowing that she was doing everything possible to get my vertigo under control.

I had a great experience with Dr. Leventhal after experiencing hearing loss/vertigo over the summer. Was able to get an appointment promptly, courteous staff and most importantly, great, knowledgeable doctor!

Dr. Mitzner is a very thorough and knowledgeable physician. He takes his time with his examinations, never rushes you throughout the appointment and has a very pleasant disposition. Out of the FOUR ENTs my husband visited, he was the only one that realized my husband had lymphoma and not just a simple tonsil issue! God bless him. I highly recommend him!

Empathetic, caring and knowledgable. He has treated many family members who all had a positive experience. The entire office is run well, no need to go elsewhere.

Pleasant staff. Excellent physician, great with children.

Dr. Rhee was phenomenal. Everything you could possibly ask for in a doctor. Extremely thorough, very honest and responsive! His office was probably one of the most efficient I have ever been to and Dr. Rhee returns all calls from his patients personally.

Dr. Francisca Yao is great! She is very passionate about her medical field! I was very impressed by her, and I wish more doctors could be like her. It was a pleasure to meet her, and I look forward to my follow-up appointment! 1. She is very thorough, intelligent, and considerate. 2. She actively listens to her patients. 3. She explains the why and how so that we understand the methods and reasons. Background: The reason I went to an ENT was because of swollen tonsils, sinus issues, concerns about my hearing, and the possibility of having sleep apnea.

Today was my second instance working with Dr. Glaser on an ENT issue. The first was ~2 years ago when he, and his team, treated our son with ear tubes. His diagnosis and treatment were excellent. The most recent visit was for issues I am experiencing with tonsils and adenoids. Dr. Glaser asks the right questions, and listens to answers. He thoroughly examines and evaluates the issue and proceeds with a conservative course of action. I am thoroughly impressed by his knowledge, his approach and the time that he has given me as a patient with both the examination and also allowing for questions. I would highly recommend Dr. Glaser, and his team, for ENT issues for adults and children.

I'm a patient of Dr. Bradley Block and just want to say that I think he's an excellent doctor. Great bedside manners and a true professional. I would recommend him and this practice.

Recently, Dr. Bough performed a Para-thyroid surgery (neck area)on my wife. The surgery was successful without any complications. He was very helpful and spent time to answer all our questions, before the surgery and during a post-op visit. After the surgery, we had some questions about her medications, Dr. Bough responded promptly by calling us at home at night. We found Dr. Bough to be very knowledgeable and a competent surgeon and have no hesitation in recommending him to our friends. Overall, it was a very pleasant experience for us.

Dr. Habib, my otolarynxologist (ear, nose and throat) at ENT Allergy in Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY is a pro who shines with very wonderful patient relationships. He is very friendly, pleasant and informative and never hesitates to answer any questions you, as a patient, might have. He doesn't talk down to you but treats his patients as equals in the doctor/patient relationship. Highly recommended. By the way, the entire staff at ENT earns my high marks as well: from the receptionists to the professional aides - they make you feel welcome and comfortable. I'm very happy with the efficient and professional way this office is run.