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Doctor Review

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Dr. Rechtweg really listened to my concerns and did a very thorough exam of my left ear and throat--two of my main concerns. His scoping technique was extremely gentle and quick and I liked the way he was confident in his abilities. He was very professional and caring in his approach and fully explained his findings and recommendations. I never felt rushed. He is a good problem-solver and takes a conservative approach rather than rushing into more drastic steps/procedures that could be costly and unnecessary. The Garden City office is immaculate and the staff (front desk & nurses) is courteous and friendly. I would definitely recommend Dr. Rechtweg as well as ENT & Allergy Associates for any of your otolaryngology or allergy needs.

Dr. Lazar has been my ENT for six years. She is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. She asks questions and listens to mine. She did my second sinus surgery- she specializes in corrective surgery, which I needed. She has always been helpful in finding ways for me to manage my chronic allergies and acid reflux disease. I have been recommending her for years because she is excellent. Every time I mention her name to another doctor, they all say the same thing- "Oh, she is good!" I cannot say enough good things about how well she does her job- I am very, very happy with the results of my surgery and her abilities as a doctor.

Dr. Andrew Blank is the first ENT that I would actually recommend to anyone. He conducted an actual extensive exam on my child. And we know that there are many doctors that cut corners to see as much patients as possible. Dr. Blank's office is not like that. The faculty is very efficient, courteous, and helpful. The times that I have gone there I've not waited more than 5-10 minutes to be seen.

Dr. Blank is great with children and has a great bedside manner with them. My 7 year old daughter was treated by him for recurrent strep and snoring. He recommended minor surgery to remove tonsils and adenoids. We did not listen to the doctor initially being concerned about the procedure. Well a year went by with recurrent strep, we brought her back in. Dr. Blank and he did not say I told you so, but rather, explained how in certain cases the procedure is unavoidable unless you can stand by while the child gets sick throughout their adolescence. Surgery went smooth and Dr. Blank was great.

Great doctor. Very professional and helpful. He was genuinely concerned and took the time to listen. He was fast and kind. The wait at the office was very short. Best doctor I have ever had. Definitely recommend to anyone that needs an ENT specialist.

I have been going to Dr. Davey since my Dr. sent me here because of inflated lymph nodes. I never wait more that 10-15 min to be seen and his nurse is absolutely amazing! They help me get appointments ASAP with other places I need to go, and everything is done to help me as soon as they can. I never felt as comfortable and confident in my medical providers as I do with Dr. Davey.

Just saw Dr. Block he was great good listener spent lots of time with me and did not talk to me in a condesending manner.

I am extremely pleased with Dr. Amy Lazar and feel she is an exceptional doctor. Versed in the latest technology, she has performed complicated sinus surgery and provided various services over the years, all to my satisfaction. She is compassionate and always helpful. Would recommend her to anyone!

Dr. Andrew Blank is by far the best doctor I could ever have asked for. I've been his patient since 11 months old. Not only did he treat me phenomenally for 15 years, but he also provided the same care to my father as well. He completed three surgeries on my ears and removed my tonsils and adenoids. Speaking from first hand experience he is great with children. He cracks many jokes, which always puts a smile on my face. He's just such a jolly person in general. All his patients that I have encountered throughout my various years as his patient love him as well. I have never felt mistreated for Dr. Blank. Although there were sometimes extensive wait time to be seen, he always provided me with the best care from the moment he walked in till the moment that he walked out. He and his physician assistant, Trish, make an unstoppable team. Trish is one of the most sweetest, most down-to-earth, funniest assitants ever. Overall, Dr. Blank is an amazing doctor. I always look forward to my next appointment to see him and joke around. Honestly, I just don't know what i would do without him. So if you are looking for a ENT specialist I strongly suggest him, you won't regret it.

Dr. Gordon diagnosed my vertigo problem and was able to correct it. I found him to be very attentive and professional. He took his time with me and answered all of my questions. I was so impressed with him that I would highly recommend him to anyone with an ear problem.

Dr. Blank is patient and has a great bed side manner. I'm grateful how he puts my daughter at ease while checking her. I have recommended Dr. Blank to several friends.

Dr. Block is quite sharp, a true professional, and very knowledgeable. He genuinely cares about his patients. He listened to everything I had to say and answered all my questions. I did not feel rushed at all. He explained what he was going to do and why he was going to do it. Dr. Block was very gentle when performing the procedure. I would highly recommend him.

Dr. Blank has a wonderful bedside manner with kids! He makes the kids feel comfortable and laugh. He also takes the time to explain things to the parents. He is thorough, deliberate and thoughtful in his approach to problems and will adjust his approach based on what is needed at the time, so sometimes he takes a "wait and see" approach and sometimes he takes a more "aggressive" approach. His assistant is terrific! I would highly recommend Dr. Blank to anyone looking for an ENT.

Smart, intelligent, skillful, emphatic, professional, respectful, very knowledgeable, spent time with me, respecting my wishes not pushing for anything. Would strongly recommend her.

Dr. Eisenberg is brilliant and yet cares more about his patients then his ego. I'm forever grateful to him for his professionalism and compassion.

Dr. Blank is a very seriously hardworking professional. Since he has been treating my son, in the past two years, I have found him to be the best of all ENT doctors. I can recommend him to anybody anytime. The staff members are also very good.

He is the best ENT doctor in New York. He has been treating my son for the past two years and he is doing an excellent job. He knows how to make treating a child easy while making a joke. My son loves going for his appointment. He is also a very good surgeon.

I saw Dr. Portnoy once, but I was very impressed by his care. He was very caring, thorough, and willing to take the extra time needed to ensure that I understood everything. EXCELLENT physician!!

Dr. Portnoy is one of the best medical professionals I have ever been treated by or known. He is brilliant, caring, considerate, and insightful. I originally visited Dr. Portnoy due to a voice issue, which he helped resolve. I now use him as my general ENT and have recommended him to friends and family as such. I have since been thanked for doing so, as they have also had excellent experiences. The office is very well-run and immaculate. Wait times are minimal and the staff is courteous. Nobody enjoys 'going to the doctor', but my experiences with Dr. Portnoy have been nothing but positive.

Dr. Lazar was the only doctor who properly diagnosed my daughter's sinus issue. From our first appointment, Dr. Lazar had a well thought out plan to relieve the tremendous headaches that were found to be from a sinus condition. Dr. Lazar is extremely competent, professional and takes the time to explain in terms a patient could understand. She is the BEST ENT out there and I would recommend her to all my family and friends. Her staff was very helpful and friendly.