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Doctor Review

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Kind bedside manner, seemed cerebral and took his time with me.

I have been a patient of Dr. Markowitz for a number of years. I have found him to be very efficient, professional, and takes he time to answer questions and concerns. Also like the fact that his office will always let you come in right away if you are ill.

Dr. Rhee recently performed a tonsillectomy on my teenage daughter. He was wonderful. He took the time to speak directly to my daughter and explain everything that would happen, and how she would feel afterwards. He treated her with respect and kindness. Everything went well and she feels much better after suffering with numerous throat infections for years. I would highly recommend Dr. Rhee!

Worked very hard to help me,never gave up and now I'm cured.

Dr. Godin is an excellent ENT, and should be recommended to everyone.

I had a partial thyroidectomy in April 2013. I was extremely nervous not only about my procedure but also about my choice of doctor. Very risky. I was recommended by a friend to Dr. Sreepada and went for a consult. I was pleasantly surprised by the professionalism of his staff and also by his chairside manner. He answered EVERY question I had and made sure I fully understood the benefits and the risks of my surgery. He never rushed me and was extremely easy to talk to. I absolutely loved him! I had had several other consults with other ENT's and he was by far the best. My surgery was an absolute success. He was amazing!! He called me personally at least 3 different time to see how I was doing. He really cares about his patients. It is now 7 weeks today since I had my surgery and my scar looks like a little scratch!! THANK YOU DR. SREEPADA for making a very scary procedure seem like a very simple one. You are absolutely the best! I would recommend you to EVERYONE and I do! The world needs more physicians like you!

I went to Dr. Block today. I found him extremely knowledgable, astute, and polite. I was very impressed by his diagnosis and his recommendations for me. I definitely would recommend him to my friends and family.

Dr Portnoy is an amazing doctor. He is knowlegable, thoroigh and took his time treating my daughter, who let's say was a difficult patient. His office is clean, the staff is friendly, and I trust Dr Portnoy 100%. If you need an ENT it doesn't get better than this.

Dr. Leventhal was prompt, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable. He diagnosed 2 issues that were never found by other doctors. Thank you for your high level of care. It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday!

My husband and I saw Dr. Suh in the bayside office and he is a great doctor... He has great bedside manner and he truly cares about his patients... I had to be scoped for the first time and he was so gentle with me and had great patience when he was dealing with me... Even my internist refers a lot of patients to him, because he is a great doctor... Both my husband and I will totally refer Dr. Suh to our family and friends...

If you have complex or unusual ENT symtoms, you may want to see Jonathan Aviv, MD. Dr. Aviv is both a first-rate doctor and a medical researcher whose thoroughness and expertise far exceeds any ENT clinician I have met. Dr. Aviv diagnosed the causes of a chronic cough I've had for 25 years. He explained the reasons for my symptoms, showed me documentation of this rare ailment in a medical journal, outlined a complex but do-able treatment plan, emailed several other top-rated physicians on my behalf, and sent prescriptions to my pharmacy - all in less than forty minutes. I am also grateful to the cheerful and efficient staff at ENT and Allergy Associates, and impressed by the state-of-the-art facilities there.

Dr. Joel Portnoy was my 8th opinion for chronic laryngitis, that has lasted 10 years. Every doctor that I went to could NOT help me. He was truly my last chance, as I was so very tired of hearing the same thing over and over again. Dr. Portnoy listened, was very gentle and concerned with my comfort during the exam and gave me real hope, without false expectations. He is very honest, thorough and walked me through my issues with both verbal and visual aids, to explain the plan of treatment. Dr. Portnoy gave me an expected 20 to 30 % better quality in my voice and in a very short period of time, he has given me 80% better quality. When my children hear me speak and for the first time in years,sing,I see them smiling, which in turn brings a tear to my eyes. Dr. Portnoy has given me back a part of my life that I thought was gone forever. Thank you could NEVER be enough! This is the doctor to see the FIRST time!!!

I went to Dr. Gordon after seeing another ENT about my vertigo, who basically told me to live with it. I went to Dr. Gordon, who greeted me warmly. Made DX very soon and has treated me for my vertigo ! Made eye contact. YES he is intense and does use his computer, reviews past history and previous visits. Gives me his undivited attention and answers any question that I have. I am always on time for my visits and have never waited mor than 20 minutes. His staff is delightful and always friendly.

I had a cosmetic procedure here and it turned out beautifully! I absolutely love Dr. Leventhal and actually followed him to ENT from another practice. He is very smart, precise yet down to earth and friendly. The women at the front desk are so sweet too. They can handle the busy office with such ease. I highly recommend it here!

Very good staff!!! Dr. D Leventhal is very detailed and meticulous (covered all bases); made me feel secure and comfortable all throughout the process (from diagnoses to procedures). Healing is great! and he made sure that nothing recurs. The whole experience has been pleasant. Shout out to Erica and Carmela!

I can't say enough about Dr. Munzer. He was the 7th doctor that my daughter saw that was finally able to diagnose her breathing problem. He was fantastic with her in both office and surgery settings. He is highly recommended.

All I can say is EXCELLENT doctor. I have been Dr. Bergsteins patient for 2 years. A very professional and prompt Doctor. Very alert and attentive. Took good care of me. Even removed excess wax from my ear which made a hug difference with my balance. I would send anyone that need an ENT Dr. to Dr. Bergstein. You will be pleased with the end result.

Very good staff!!! Dr. D Leventhal is very detailed and meticulous (covered all bases); made me feel secure and comfortable all throughout the process (from diagnoses to procedures). Healing is great! and he made sure that nothing recurs. The whole experience has been pleasant. Shout out to Erica and Carmela!

Dr Munzer in very knowledgeable and makes you feel comfortable. My favorite thing about him is that me makes you feel like he cares, like he really wants to figure out and fix your problem. Highly recommended.

My son was the patient, he is 18 and autistic. The receptionist was very helpful and the office was very well organized. Dr. Colen was efficient and explained everything in understandable terms. Her bedside manner was warm and personable. I would recommend her to my friends.