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Doctor Review

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New office's. I love em! This is a great local Doctor. Scheduling times is super easy and can be done with a quick call. Also, they move you in and out quickly which is great. I'm a fan.

Dr. Lesserson is fantastic. He's thorough and genuinely cares. You will wait a good 30-45 minutes after your scheduled appointment to see him because he spends alot of time with each patient. It can be frustrating, but he is worth the wait.

Dr. Joel Portnoy treated a large hemorrhagic polyp that I had on my vocal cord. While I still am recovering because I had surgery a few days ago, Dr. Portnoy has been extremely helpful in using his knowledge to resolve my issue. He had the up-to-date equipment to discover my problems and to show me exactly what was wrong, along with the cause for my issue. In addition, he was very professional and realistic toward me as his patient. I would recommend Dr. Portnoy to any future patient and I am very grateful that I went to him!

My son has been a patient with Dr. Blank for over 4 years now and I must say that my son has never been more excited to visit a doctor's since meeting him. His personality and character shines through with every visit. As soon as his assistant see's my son, she greets him with a big hug and Dr. Blank jokes with him and makes both of us laugh. He's great with kids. My son suffered minor hearing loss which went unnoticed for over a year, Dr. Blank was very thorough and comforting throughout the whole ordeal and follows up to make sure my son is on the right track. I couldn't have been more happy to hear my son speak a full sentence only a day after his procedure, using words I had no idea he knew. I was able to communicate with my child and I owe that to Dr. Blank.

I saw Dr. Godin regarding ongoing sinus issues. He saw me right on time and spent a long time discussing my concerns. He was extremely thorough and explained his rationale for the various treatment options. I was even able to be scheduled with the allergist for the next day. His staff was also very kind and courteous. I will definitely return to Dr. Godin for any ear, nose, or throat concerns in the future.

I received excellent attentive care and expertise and I would highly recommend him!

I received excellent attentive care and expertise and I would highly recommend him!

My daughter just had her nose caurterized because she constantly has nosebleeds and i brought her over to Dr. Wakefield and so far so good, she is not only Beauftiful but she is sooooo Caring , Gentle and makes you feel very comfortable. my daughter wants to visit her just because LOL...

Dr Sreepada was sooo great he told me i had wax in my ears and guess what yes i did he is a very nice young man i just wish he did physicals.

Being an RN and working with medically fragile population, I am gladly recommending Dr. Blank to others who seek excellent medical care, accurate diagnosis and treatment, easy access, thoughtfulness, professionalism and respect in response to pt's questions and concerns. We are proud to have this MD in NY.


Dr. Eisenberg is a truly kind and caring doctor. He has treated several family members with issues ranging from mild to extremely serious and he perfectly diagnosed and treated every one. He has a calm,quiet demeanor and a brilliant mind. The best.

I have a child who has severe allergies. I came to Dr. Wakefield because my son had difficulty swallowing and consequently was regurgitating meals. Dr. Wakefield explained the correlation between his allergies, enlarged tonsils and adnoids, and the frequent ear infections and colds that he had. For the first time everything made sense. I went to several doctors and other professionals before coming to Dr. Wakefield. None of them could tell me why my son was so sick. After she explained the cause she talked about treatment options. I liked the fact that she tried to treat him by non invasive means first. Eventually he had to have surgery. Since then my son has made a complete turn around. Not only is he eating but he's even gotten a little chubby. He's willing to try new foods where he would just look at food before and refuse. His speech has also improved. But best of all he is not getting sick. One of the kids in his class had a contagious illness and he was the only 1 not to get it

Dr. Portnoy was a very knowledgeable, kind, pleasant doctor who I saw for the first time. I would definitely recommend him to family and friends.

Dr. Godin was very smart and caring. He immediately knew what my condition was and how he was going to fix it. He spent a lot of time making sure all of my questions and concerns were addressed before I left the office. I was thoroughly pleased and would definitely see him again on any future illness in his specialty.

Dr. Blank and his staff have provided unbelievable flawless service. His staf is attentive, punctual and professional. They have a genuine smile when greeting patients. Dr. Blank was attentive, funny, thoroughly informative even though he had a full schedule. Dr. Blank took the time to perform each procedure completely. My colleague recommended Dr. Blank.I could have not gotten a better doctor. Dr. Blank is a keeper!

I recently called the practice and the usual ENT i have seen for many years was not available so i made an appointment with Dr Portnoy. Having an immune deficiency its hard to find the proper care and he was amazing! He is very caring - takes the time to understand your problems and makes sure you understand your situation and communicates well! He is very down to earth and i have seen him 3 times this week and really cares about his patients and their well being! Thanks for the amazing care - it means alot!

I went to 3 different ENT's before being recommended to Dr. Sacks by a surgeon friend of mine. He has a great reputation and he deserves it! He is not trying to just throw surgery at me until we exhaust all medical options. He also walked me through my sleep study and explained what all of it meant. Go to him. You won't be disappointed.

I have been a patient of Dr. Rodriguez for many years and he is superb. Wonderful bedside manner, calm, compassionate. He moved recently to a nicer space on UWS outside of the main Columbia medical center. Though the receptionist staff there are a little unsophisticated, it does not matter. The ancillary clinical staff are just fine and the space is far more clean and newer. If you want to see a thoughful ENT with decades of experience affiliated consistently with the best academic programs in the city, he is your guy.

I would highly recommend Dr. Scheibelhoffer. He was very pleasant and took the time to explain my condition and all the options for treatment. He truly cares about his patients and takes time to listen and really makes us feel comfortable. He was also very professional, thorough, and kind. I recommended him to some friends and family and they all love him. Best ENT doc out there.