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Doctor Review

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Dear Dr. Bough I would like to thank you for the treatment and care that you have given me. You are a very special and very nice doctor. You care about your patients and do your best to make sure they are happy. I appreciate your concern and care very much. Thank you for being a caring doctor.

I had deviated septum surgery and polyps removed . To begin to tell you that I didn't even need to take an advil is an understatement. The guy is a magician and very patient and well-mannered. He is an amazing human being and everybody should be lucky to have him as a doctor

Dear David Bough MD I visited your office a week or two ago for a problem with wax in my ear and after I mentioned my long time standing stuggle with nasal dryness you were kind enough to give me a sample of Ayr Saline Nasal Gel. I promised to let you know if it was effective. I am reporting that it has been very helpful and I will be using it routinely from now on. I have been using it in the morning on rising and sometimes in the evening before bed. My problems with my nose began 40 years ago when I had rhinoplasty and began using Neosinefrin nasal spray before bed. For years I couldnt go to sleep without my nose spray. Eventually I was forced to stop using it because of nosebleeds-breaking that habit was difficult. I tried other saline sprays and even Ayr gel in a tube but this spray sample seems to be really working much beter than any other product i've used so far. So thanks again. By the way my ear is doing fine. The removal of earwax from the patients perspective is miraculous. Thanks for all your help

Suffering from allergies and sinus issues. He was thorough, understanding and knowledgable.

Every doctors office is an inevItable wait that's just the way it is. It's how the staff makes the process less painful is what matters. From the the moment I walked into the ENT office for my appointment with Dr. Sachs, the front desk staff was attentive,curteous and professional. Some were even funny. My wait while slightly longer than I like was made comfortable by the girls at the desk who kept me updated and processed my paperwork promptly. Dr. Sachs was exceptional in his care during my procedure and made the whole experience so less stressful than I had worried it would be. I'm glad I made this connection.

I told my Pulmonologist, Dr Cappell, that I could not swallow a steak. She told me to see Dr. Aviv and get his “FEESST” test, which evaluates swallowing. I saw Dr. Aviv, had the test and the results were bad. My throat entrance and passage were swollen on both sides thereby restricting the amount of food I could swallow. Aviv prescribed Prilosec/Omeprazole twice a day, reading a book “Dropping Acid”, and a Barium swallow test which I had. The test revealed a stricture in my esophagus. Dr. Aviv contacted Dr. Lambroza and I had an immediate endoscopy. My esophagus was a disaster and the opening to my stomach had shrunk to 10-12 mm from the norm 15-20mm. Dr. Lambroza told me to change my eating habits, take the drugs and get another endoscopy in 6 weeks. I changed my eating habits, took Omeprazole and felt better eating. My second endoscopy’s result was considerably better and the opening to my stomach had returned to a normal range. Two months later – the problems have not reoccurred.

For the past 5 years i have been suffering from sinus infection and differnt doctors have treated me with no good result. I was also suffering from dizziness. by the help of Dr. Bough my dizziness and sinus problems have gone away. Even though that helps my snoring problem. Dr. Bough has dealt with me as a friend. He is really a humane doctor

I was referred to Dr.Suh for a second opinion for my grandson Jalen's diagnosis. The first time i met Dr. Suh it was like a breath of fresh air, he made us felt very comfortable. His smile and demeanor lit up the room. He was very explicit in what the surgery Jalen needed entails. He allowed us to ask as many questions until we felt comfortable. He has a great personality, i recommend highly. not to mention he has a wonderful staff working with him. Keep up the good work Dr. Suh!

Professional. Explained everything clearly. My father is hard of hearing and Dr. Kelly made sure that my dad understood all information given.

Dr. Song has been efficient attentive cautious kind and ultimately very effective. I recommend him strongly. After several insightful appointments surgery was prevented and clear practical solutions offered. He's willing to listen too which is a great advantage.

Overall a very positive experience

Trans Nasal Esophogoscopy is truly amazing. Dr. Aviv's expertise with it makes an otherwise difficult process so easy. It literally took 6 minutes and I watched! With esophageal cancer on the rise this should be part of everyone's work up. Dr. Aviv a pioneer in the field is the go-to person in the City. Why not go to the person who wrote the book? Watch the YouTube video as he did it on The Dr. Oz Show.

Overall Excellent and very Knowledgeable

We can hardly express our gratitude to Dr. Jonathan Aviv, a specialist in tongue and throat disorders.After 8 years of going to 5 of the top neurologists in New York City and another at the Cleveland Clinic, we finally found Dr. Aviv who recognized my husband's symptoms (he has myasthenia gravis). Not a single one of the neurologists figured out anything, even though my husband displays all the classic symptoms. After 8 years,Doctor Aviv has restored our faith in doctors.

Smart thorough and most important knows how to listen to a patient.

Dr. Bough just performed surgery on me and I have to say I see improvement already - I have almost no pain and his mannerisms and bed side manner are phenomenal. Before surgery, as they were putting me to sleep he held my arm and kept eye contact with me all the way until I was out. It was a simple gesture but from someone who has been under the knife before it was very reassuring and comforting. Office staff pre-surgery was great too especially with scheduling and keeping me informed.

Dr. Heikert was patient kind and extremely helpful in treating a condition that other doctors had ignored. She clearly cares about her work and the health of her patients.

Dr. Eisenberg is one of the most caring doctors I have ever gone to. He really took his time with me and worked around his schedule to help get me in with my problem. His staff is also so helpful and follow up with you. Would highly highly recommend him!

I just had rhinoplasty and corrective nasal surgery done by Dr. Ephrat and I could not be happier. From the moment I met with him I was comfortable and confident that I made the right choice. This became more apparent as time went on. He is extremely knowledgable, patient, funny, charming and caring. After surgery I had minimal bruising, slight swelling and mild discomfort and when the cast came off I cried on the way home. I was so thrilled that not only could I breathe, but my nosed looked beautiful, perfect even, despite the fact that it was swollen. The day of surgery I was a bit nervous and Dr. Ephrat made me feel so much better, he held my hand and said that he would take care of me, that is a sign of a phenomenal doctor. I highly recommend him.

Took out a growth on my salivary glands. Very pleased with outcome. Good surgeon and human being.