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Doctor Review

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Dr. Eisenberg is one of the most caring doctors I have ever gone to. He really took his time with me and worked around his schedule to help get me in with my problem. His staff is also so helpful and follow up with you. Would highly highly recommend him!

Took out a growth on my salivary glands. Very pleased with outcome. Good surgeon and human being.

We took my 2 year old to see Dr. Zelman. He was absolutely wonderful with him - knows how to interact with toddlers made him feel comfortable and provided a complete and concise exam. Explained information at appropraite level and we walked away very happy with our visit. Long wait but was worth it. the waiting room had nick jr on and plenty of toys for my son the play with.

Very nice & knowledgeable. made me feel comfortable immediatley. I would Highly recommend him

This is my first doctor visit for my sore tonsils. The best part was the clerk told me to go on line and Pre-fill out all those when I walked in 30 min later all I had to do is sign them and show my Health Card. Dr. Mehta might be young but he sure got right to the point and explained everything very clearly on my tonsil problems. He even went the extra step to explain my previous snoring problem to my wife and checked my nose with a camera..all look good...he still gave me Sleep Center Script and I will see them in two weeks so my wife can finally get a good night sleep and not here me snore anymore. I will definitely tell my friends and recommend him to all that care to listen.

Dr. Eisenberg is one of the most caring doctors I have ever gone to. He really took his time with me and worked around his schedule to help get me in with my problem. His staff is also so helpful and follow up with you. Would highly highly recommend him!

Dr. Sreepada is an excellent ENT that my husband, my infant daughter, and myself love. What we love about him is that the appointment is not rushed, he listens to your concerns and calls you within a few days to make sure your feeling better. Not many Dr's personally take time to contact a patient for follow up. Fairly easy to get an appointment which can be done on-line or by phone. Superb Dr. all around!

On August 15 2011 Dr. Scarbrough operated on my Parotid gland normally 99% benign. On August 19 2011 I was diagnosed with Acinic Cell Carcinoma. My surgery was complicated and lengthy. Dr. Scarbrough did a miraculous surgery missing all 8 facial nerves in my face negating paralysis on the left side of my face. I went through 7 weeks of radiation and during this time Dr. Scarbrough and his nurse Kathleen Histand were with me through this whole time. I cannot find the words to describe the professionalismkindness and care that Dr. Scarbrough and Kathleen have showed me. Although I've had a total of 9 doctors during this 'cancer process' Dr. Scarbrough and Kathleen shine above all these doctors.

EXCELLENT DOCTOR! Our daughter had her adenoids and tonsils removed in February. Couldn't be more pleased with Dr. Rhee. His bedside manner with an anxious kid was amazing. He was excellent explaining procedures so that we all felt comfortable prior to our daughters surgery. He is a caring doctor who takes pride in his work. He also takes his time to listen which made all the difference in our daughters case. Great Doctor!

This guy simple rocks. I cannot go over details because he will know who I am. But all I can say I am back to life I can go to college without the fear of not understanding anything in class. I'm confident to talk to girls anywhere. i have no words to say how he changed my life. HE IS TRULY AMAZING.

Dr. Godin was a very informative and thorough ENT. He was stern but i found that to be a very good thing. He took wonderful care of me from the first visit on. He is extremely knowledgable! Would recommend.

I had septoplasty/turbinectomy surgery just over a week ago and already feel great. I was highly impressed with Dr. Lin's attentiveness knowledge and care. He addressed all of my questions and concerns and after just a few days I feel great and am breathing better. In addition Mt Sinai Hospital was excellent. For such a large hospital they treated me with the utmost care concern and respect.

The front office staff is very nice and accomodating. Dr. Mitzner was very pleasant and thorough in his assesment. He really cares about his patients.

This doctor was punctual and courteous. He was also very knowledgeable and knew what my issue was based off my symptoms. My ear was unclogged in a matter of minutes and I am truly grateful for staff like this.

I see from the ratings my experience was not unique but I just wanted to say Dr. Sacks is great. I have chronic sinusitis and am so complicated I've had numerous ENTs 'give up' so finding an ENT who will take me on and help in anyway possible is amazing. Dr. Sacks is one of those doctors!

To whom this may concern: It's all too often that people write letters to complain about bad experiences. I wanted to take the time to acknowledge wonderful experience I've had...with surgery no less!

Dr. Brian Lee Lebovitz (M.D. F.A.C.S.) is an Otorhinolaryngologist with ENT & Allergy Associates in Parsippany NJ. He recently performed my septoplasty and turbinate reduction at Ridgedale Surgery Center in Cedar Knolls NJ.

I am 35 years old and petrified of surgery. My last surgery was myringotomy (tubes in ears) at age 6. I have been riddled with sinus and ear issues since childhood and in my more than three decades in search of comfort and treatment I've been through multiple doctors and treatment options; none of which have relieved symptoms or left me comfortable to make surgical decisions. What Dr. Lebovitz did for me was truly life changing. He took me through this experience in a gentle and compassionate way. We tried several courses of treatment evaluated each along the way and ended the journey in a place where I was confident that surgery was the best option. I can't tell you how happy I was to have someone listen evaluate CARE and work through making sure my course of treatment was in my best interest and something I was confident with. I can now breathe and it's because of him.

Doctors take an oath to educate and treat patients. That is what they're paid to do and that is what is to be expected. Where Dr. Lebovitz is different is that he engages patients. He does nothing short of making them take ownership and accountability for their healthcare with his guidance. He's an active participant in his patients' health and truly works as a teammate in treatment.

I have really enjoyed how much I've learned about my horrible sinuses and how Dr. Lebovitz has made the effort to build true doctor/patient trust. It is so very uncommon these days and I think he's an exemplary model of what effective healthcare is and can be in this country. If everyone had a Dr. Lebovitz the world would be an amazing (healthier) place!

In my particular experience Dr. Lebovitz worked with me over the course of a year to evaluate everything from my allergies biological conditions (aka defective sinuses) short and long term medical history hearing and anything that could affect what I was feeling. He never let me leave the office without feeling like I knew what was going on...what the terminology and diagnoses meant...and gave me ample time to ask questions no matter how silly I thought they sounded. We reviewed surgical options and I was thrilled to know that he is experienced in new less invasive methods.

Through surgery his bedside manner was amazing and I was literally wheeled into the operating room content and excited to emerge. Post-op he made sure I was comfortable and didn't let me leave the surgical center without a high five and a smile. I had no packing or splints and pain was minimal. It almost brought me to tears to know what good hands I was in.

The point of this letter is to let you know that prior to meeting Dr. Lebovitz I had essentially given up on ever breathing normally. I had experienced doctors who suggested surgery as an immediate option but didn't make me feel that they understood my concerns or the span and breadth/depth of my sinus issues. I never felt comfortable and never had that participative trusting relationship. In visiting with Dr. Lebovitz learning about the 'how' and 'why' of what I was experiencing and subsequently electing for surgery my quality of life has improved. It's remarkable.

I would hope that through this letter Dr. Lebovitz gets recognition for standing out as a truly special medical professional. I can't help but think that my high five and smile as I headed home from surgery just wasn't enough of a thank you. I am unsure of what awards or special honors exist for outstanding doctors but I'd nominate him in a heartbeat. The only unfortunate thing about my situation is that now that my sinuses are in a good place I likely won't see Dr. Lebovitz so often!

Please let me know if you have any questions or would like any additional information. Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely Kristen

Dr. Lazar is patient compassionate and knowledgeable. After 20 years of recurrent sinusitis 8-10 rounds of antibiotics each year & 3 previous surgeries SHE SOLVED THE PROBLEM. Unlike the 3 previous surgeries I had no post-op complications. Surgery was 7 months ago: no infections no more antibiotics no more snoring --I can breathe. She is a goddess!!

I went to see Dr.Cece for a sore throat and hoarsness. He was polite patient and very knowledgable. He took alot of time to explain things to me. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Dr Hekiert is one of the best doctors I have ever met both in expertise and personality. I am convinced that she has added many quality years to my life by performing trans robtoic surgery for my sleep apnea. I am so happy that I decided to go ahead with this procedure and I would highly recommend Dr. Hekiert to anyone.

Great doctor, great staff. He didn't seem rushed. He gave my son all the time he needed and explained everything. I definitely recommend him.