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Doctor Review

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Super friendly and nice. She asks all the right questions in order to get the right answers to help you get better. Looking for an allergist? You found her.

great doctor! very caring knowledgable and patient! recommend to everyone!

I had to see Dr. Chowdhury for a nasal issue. First time I was ever there. He was without doubt the most patient friendly physician I have ever experienced. He was very professional yet down to earth and explained all issues and procedures. If you were to read his bio he is very well educated and highly experienced in his field (ENT). It was clear that he had a genuine concern over my health issue and his open demeanor put me at ease in discussing my health issue. Will certainly use him in the future for any related ENT issue that arises.

Had a great experience at this office! Everything about my visit was efficient. It began when I called and was able to be seen right away; then I was referred to their patient web portal where I completed my paperwork at home at my convenience and submitted it; I arrived and everyone was so friendly; they retrieved my paperwork and gave me a Starbucks gift card to thank me for using the portal; within minutes I was taken into an exam room and Dr Sreepada came in right away; He was caring, compassionate and made me feel so comfortable; Diagnosed my problem, gave me medication and sent me on my way! Every aspect of my visit was pleasurable and look forward to referring everyone I know that needs a good ENT! Thank you Dr Sreepada! I feel so much better!

Dr. S. doesn't always have a warm and fuzzy personality but he recently treated me for sleep apnea and performed parotid surgery and I think he's a good doctor. I had about 15 appointments with him between April and July. Office seems well run easy to get an appointment wait time in the office was generally reasonable with the exception of one visit. From research I did about my surgery he followed standard steps in diagnosing and treating my case and I'm happy with the outcome.

Really great funny knows what hes talking about. Took out my tonsils but tried other methods to reduce tonsillitis before doing surgery. His staff and himself are great. :)

Dr. Blank is very attentive and spends as much time as needed to evaluate a patient. His staff coordinates care very well.

Dr. Aronzon diagnosed that my clogged ear was due to a middle ear infection. Prescribed antibiotics and some nose spray and a week later I'm cleared up! She was very thorough, courteous and worked pretty quickly. Great ENT!

Terrific doctor. Great understanding of human nature. Sinceregentlekind and intelligent. A fine lady as well as dr. Couldn't have been more satisfied with our visit. Extensive lists of associates and very impressive offices.

I highly recommend Dr. Wasserman. Very thorough with the examination, knowledgable. He was patient with my 3yr old. Explained everything to me, and answered all my questions. I did not feel rushed at all.

I highly recommend Dr. Wasserman. He is a wonderful MD great with kids!

I saw Dr. Aronzon several times over a period of time and was impressed and very satisfied with her knowledge, interpersonal skills, referrals to specialists, the office staff and waiting time to see her.

This doctor exceeded all of my expectations. He removed adenoids and inserted ear tubes for my 2 year old daughter. Today is the day after the surgery and my daughter is feeling fine and I've noticed an improvement in her speech already. I am very impressed with the professionalism and character of this doctor.

Dr. Hekiert is very knowledgeable and very thorough. She is patient asks all the right questions and explains all of the procedures or tests that the patient is about to undergo. Her staff is simply the best. A very efficient office and very professional. They send you electronic reminders of your appointment and if the doctor can't keep your appointment the staff let's her patients know immediately.

Dr. Wasserman is absolutely lovely. He is bright gentle and caring. For his relatively young age he is very seasoned and has a wonderful approach to patient care. I highly recommend him. Also his office is very clean which is important!

Dr. Wasserman is absolutely lovely. He is bright, gentle, and caring. For his relatively young age, he is very seasoned and has a wonderful approach to patient care. I highly recommend him. Also, his office is very clean which is important!

after a self examination revealed a small lump in the back of my tongue and the right side of my tongue was attrophied I saw 7 doctors over 7 months. I was diagnosed with acid reflux then a hyperglossal nerve one had an explanation for the attrophy of the tongue. until I got to Dr Sacks who did a though examination and suspected cancer right away and sent me for a pet scan which confirmed cancer. I thank Dr Sacks for his expertise caring and follow up and ultimately saving my life. I have now had the tumor surgically removed and am healing

I was somewhat nervous going in because I had an ongoing ailment that was really bothering me; also Doctor Chowdury is a relatively new doctor so I did not know what to expect. He was extremely friendly and personable and seemed to be very knowledgeable; he also gladly answered all my questions about his background and education. In addition I had another ailment I wanted to discuss--not the primary reason for my visit--and he was glad to spend time talking about that as well. Bottom line he did find what was wrong and so far is successfully treating it he put me at ease and I would definitely recommend him.

Dr Ephrat was referred to me several years ago when I had chronic sinus problems, he was extremely thorough and missed NOTHING, he was able to correct my sinus issues and I have been much happier. I have gone back to him over the years and most recently for Botox, which he has done twice on me and I would NEVER let anyone else touch my face. I trust him completely. He's patient, warm, knowledgeable, his office is the most organized I've ever seen, I highly recommend him. My husband and I are both big fans of Dr Ephrat!

Excellent doctor. Extremely knowledgeable courteous and takes the time to explain everything. He found the problem and helped me feel better quickly.