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Doctor Review

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Fabtastic' Doctor! I was very impressed with his background and my expectations were met during my appointment. Dr. Pazos is one of the best doctors I've ever been to.

Dr. Pazos was just wonderful. He had an excellent bedside manner and after performing surgery on my sinuses I breath and feel great. Excellent!!!

My wife and I found Dr. Gold to be extremely warm and gentle when he cared for our son. He explained the details of the treatment in way that we could both understand. His staff was very helpful in dealing with all the insurance company’s paperwork and guided us from begging to end.

Very knowledgeable competent and took time to answer questions. He allayed my fears and was authoritatively reassuring. He enters information as you talk to him and makes sure that he asks his own diagnostic questions at first which I think people here mistake for a lack of empathy. He was in fact a very good listener explained everything respectfully and even checked the same thing twice when I asked him. The office is busy but he took me pretty last minute. Very satisfied!

We were told to arrive early and fill out paperwork. I don't know why we were told to come early since we waited about 2 hours anyway to see the doctor. We did think he was knowledgeable and helpful though. The wait was very unpleasant and I hope future visits are better.

I am almost 60 years old and have been to many doctors over the years. I would rate him in the top 10. First of all he was polite good sense of humor respectful VERY knowledgeable but most of all..professional! I hope this doctor keeps up the level of caring and patient treatment that it is so hard to find in this crazy world.I went in for something that I was worried about and he calmed my fears without ever telling me it was insignificant or making me feel silly. Not only would I recommend him to you I am going to tell my entire family and friends that if they need a top notch ENT...I found one. Thanks Dr. Lebovitz. Did I wait long? Yes. And it was well worth it!

I am very pleased with Dr. Fishman. I saw him for sinus issues that no other doctor could seem to help with. He fixed my problems and I now have a much better quality of life. Thank you Dr. Fishman!

Dr. Rhee performed a tonsillectomy on my 5 y-o son. He had a good demeanor and answered all our questions. My son received very good care in the office and in the hospital.

Dr. Sreepada diagosed me last year with thyroid cancer..was very nice and professional..on time..he did the surgery and when he said I'd lose my voice for 6 weeks it was 5 weeks 4 days..almost dead on..he even personally called me a couple months later to make sure I followed up and had my radiation treatment..I was very impressed and would recommend him to anyone.

Dr. Rechtweg has been treating my extended family for many years. On their recommendation I went to see him for a few issues that were bothering me. He was patient and listened to my concerns explained everything he was doing and never once mentioned surgery which is what I expected as a surgeon he'd immediately jump to! Now I know why my family only wants to go see him when something is wrong.

I myself was seen by different specialist over the last 8 months. Dr. Choe is a true professional listens to what you have to say follows through with notes for himself and spends plenty of QUALITY time with you. Dr. Choe is one who also provides options and lets you join in with his thoughts.Dr. Choe appears to be focused and and well seasoned within his practice.

Dr. Bergstein is the most caring and considerate physician that i have ever met. He operated on my nose ansd sinuses and I am very pleased to say thatI have not been sick since! I had suffered for years with chronic sinus and nasal problems and now my quality of life has improved so much. He called me on more than 1 occasion at home check up on me and to make sure trhat iI was doing well. I am forever grateful to him and would

Took the time to really explain everything, answered all my questions, and most importantly, surgery was successful.

Very attentive and insightful doctor. Actually examined me and asked me if my ears pop on descent on airplane. I had airplane ear years ago with both ears and typically have problems when flying. Excellent bedside manner and very observant. Highly recommend!

I recently saw Dr. Keenan in order to try to correct and/or alleviate the discomfort that I have been experiencing due to snoring and sleep apnea. As my relieved wife would gladly attest Dr. Keenans knowledgeable approach to my maladies has made a world of difference for the both of us. Thank you once again Dr Keenan from the both of us!

I was able to get an appointment the same day for a strep test. Doctor was punctual knowledgeable and gave clear printed directions about the medication and follow-up procedure. I would highly recommend him.

Great doctor kind warm and knowledgable. Takes his time with you.

Dr. Sacks is the best doc you could ask for on all fronts: communication friendliness humor and knowledge. He is the kind of doctor that all doctors should be. Highly recommend!!!!

After suffering through years of chronic sinus headaches multiple sinus infections each years requiring weeks of antibiotics and seeing several ENT specialist in over a decade I count my lucky stars I found Dr. Amy Lazar. She performed sinus surgery which allows me to breath through my nose for the first ever (in 5 decades) but most of all I no longer have the chronic sinus headaches. She is kind and extremely knowledgeable. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who suffers from sinus problems. The surgery itsef was a piece of cake with virtual immediate recovery. If only I had become her patient years ago!

Wonderful physician, extremely knowledgeable and caring. If you need and ENT physician this is who you want to go to.