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Doctor Review

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He trys very hard to find out your problem. Excellent bedside manner very smart. He is caring understanding and very intelligent in his field. He is the best there is

I was very pleased with Dr Lin. He was very attentive to my needs and asked the need questions. When it came to the diagnoses he said that we could handle with medication or a CT scan and in the end went with medication and if they didn't work a CT scan. Unlike some doctors he allowed me to decide and didn't pressure me either way. I would definitely recommend Dr. Lin

I go to Dr. Safier for allergy shots. He is very personable answers all my questions (and I have many) and was even able to diagnose and treat my pneumonia.

He was very helpful. He called me after my son's appt (which he was with us for over an hour) and spoke with me for over a 1/2 hour. He never made me feel rushed.

Dr. Glasaer is knowledgeable and can explain issues really well. He is a gifted surgeon and i loved his proffesional bedside manner. I felt confident and secure using him to remove my cancer and I am totaly cancer free thanks to his diagnostic and surgical skills

He removed my sons adnoid and put tubes in his ears. Great Dr. from beginning to end!

He was pleasant and easy to talk to but more importantly he was very thorough and very knowledgeable. Will be returning if need be.

Excellent doctor intelligent knowledgeable honest great follow up

I am a retired dectective with 29 years in the NYPD and was diagnosed with tonsil cancer after working at ground zero. While under his care Dr. Smtih treated me as one of his own family member he displayed empathy compassion and honesty during and after my neck surgery that he performed. Words cannot begin to express my feelings when it comes to him. It was a very difficult and dark time for me. Even now he is still holding my hand on my follow-up visits. To tell you the truth I would follow him over a cliff if that's what he thought to be best (smile). Dr. Smith was God sent and I am truly blessed.

Dr. Amy Lazar is very personable and knowledgeable ENT doctor. She cares a great deal about her patients and shows a genuine sense of compassion for her patients too. The staff at this office is very friendly and helpful with making appointments and checking for insurance approvals. I have recommended her to my friends and family.

In 2003 I was suffering from severe headaches. Additionally I was experiencing intense pain on one side of my face. Dr Jonathan Smith patiently asked me several questions regarding this condition. Dr. Smith concluded that I was suffering from Cluster headaches. At the time this condition was not widely known. Within two hours from my visit with Dr Smith and the prescription he provided my cluster headaches were manageable. Dr. Smith took the time to ask the right questions and had the knowledge to diagnose my problem. No other doctor before him was able to diagnose my condition. Subsequently my entire family have seen Dr Smith for their medical issues and enjoyed the same results. Dr Smith is personableand demonstrates professionalism and most importantly to the highest degree knowledgeable in his field.

m a physician and was referred by my doctor to Steve Sacks MD at ENT and Allergy Associates. I was found to have a parotid tumor and needed surgery but this surgery is complicated by the fact that the trigeminal nerve courses over the parotid gland. If that's cut, one can lose sensory and motor function along the 3 branches of that nerve which goes to the face, the forehead and the jaw areas. Dr. Sacks performed the surgery, preserving all 3 branches by carefully checking the nerve function throughout the entire surgical procedure. He's a pro. I've been cared for by his colleagues in his absence and have been very satisfied with their concern and care.

Dr. Choe removed my cholesteatoma and rebuilt my hearing bones one month ago at NYEE. Now I can answer the phone with that ear. Today at the post-op visit he told me that I can go swimming. That's fantastic. I read so many unsuccessful stories online before the surgery so it really surprise me that Dr. Choe made the whole process so smoothly.

Dr. Rechtweg is always on time. I have never waited for more than 5 minutes for my appointment. He has Saturday and late hours every week and he helped me with my sinus issues. Knowing I also have Crohn's disease he has always prescribed me medicine that would not upset my Crohn's or counter act med's I take daily. I higly recommend him.

Dr. Rechtweg is always on time. I have never waited for more than 5 minutes for my appointment. He has Saturday and late hours every week and he helped me with my sinus issues. Knowing I also have Crohn's disease he has always prescribed me medicine that would not upset my Crohn's or counter act med's I take daily. I highly recommend him.

Probably the nicest doctor I have ever encountered. I could tell he genuinely cared for my well-being and that he really knew what he was doing. I highly, highly, highly recommend Dr. Palgon for all your ear, nose or throat troubles. Also, it didn't even hurt when he gave me a shot.

Seriously, I would follow Dr. Yarmohammadi to the Arctic Tundra. She is hands down THE best doctor I've ever seen. She explains everything, even results from your other doctors. Dr. "Yar" as she is referred to in the office doesn't overmedicate. Even when you are given a drug, she explains that her plan is to give you the lowest dose possible to control your symptoms. And unlike many doctors, she will give you drug samples before she makes you buy something that may not agree with you. Staff and nurses are super friendly. Plus, you never wait more than 5 minutes for your appointment if you arrive on time. If you have an urgent situation, you can almost always get a same-day appointment. I've recommended her to friends and now they recommend her. Everybody needs a Dr. Yar in his or her life.

The office staff was wonderful very easy to make appointments; we were always taken on time and in and out of the office. Dr. Rhee himself and the hearing check people were fabulous with my son!

Dr. Cece is an awesome doctor! I have life-long ear issues and haven't been to an ENT in over 10 years because I could not find one I was comfortable with. He is patient spends a lot of time with you and makes you feel comfortable and reassured. Office staff are professional but not very friendly or personable. Would highly recommend Dr. Cece to others!!

Very Knowledgeable and Nice. I Never felt rushed and all my questions are always answered. The staff is great and very little wait if any at all