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Doctor Review

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Dr Lin was excellent. He has a friendly and comforting bedside manner. He listens carefully is patient answers all questions thoroughly asks if you have any more questions is attentive and detailed in his approach and treatment. I highly recommend him.

Dr. Hekiert takes time with her patients. She explains the procedures and is one of the most caring and thorough physicians that I have used. After surgery she contacted me gave me a phone number to call should I have any problems. I have referred her to several of my friends with absolutely no reservation. She and her staff (especially Iwonna) are great.

She is an amazing doctor. I can't recommend her highly enough.

One of the greatest doctors ever......He performed a thyroidectomy on me and I am so pleased with his work...

He was kind and explained everything to me and to my family and was very very gentle with the endoscope that had to be used to diagnose my problem. I don't think that I've ever experienced such a gentleman in a surgical office before. Our friends all use him and have found him to be gifted both intellectually and with his 'bedside' manner. When I was there one time a woman passed out in their waiting room. Dr. Lebovitz ran out into the waiting room to administer to this woman. She was not his patient but he sat there on the floor with her after she recovered and held her so kindly and spoke to her in such a caring and reassuring way. I've never seen anything like it before. Maybe the person who had to come back twice for a diagnosis required more testing to get to the right answer. They're lucky they didn't have an arrogant dr.who wouldn't admit to needing to chk further!

great doctor! knowledgeable friendly caring. will definitely recommend.

This guy knows his stuff very impressed with him and very hospitable.

Dr. Marchlewski is extremely knowledgable as an allergist; very gentile with children. My kids love his office and friendly staff especially when they give out stickers toys and lollipops. Very pleasant experience from check-in to check-out!

personable knowledgeable and helpful. Gave me the time I needed. It was just a pleasant visit with Dr. Cece and I left feeling I was in good hands. Would definitely recommend.

Dr. Sacks is a top-notch ENT doctor a great diagnostician and a truly warm caring sensitive wonderful human being. He operated on my son's severly deviated septum (due to a fall as a toddler) back in 1994. I am now his patient and have recommended both friends and family members to him. In short he is great!! Can't find doctors like him anymore with such a fabulous bedside manner. Dr. Steven Sacks is the only ENT doctor to see and Pauline his assistant is terrific and very helpful too.

All I have to say is that Dr. Daniel Grinberg is an exceptional Doctor in every way. I am able to call the office for an appointment, and they will give me one, even that day. There is practically no wait time to see him, it is usually less than 5 minutes. He spends as much time with you as you need. He even sometimes walks you out to the front office. He is very nice and cordial. I don't think that you could go wrong with visiting with Dr. Grinberg - he is so far, one of the best doctors that I have found. I found out first hand 2 years ago, when I first took my now 6 year old daughter to him, and my daughter is really afraid of all doctors and dentists. She cries at the site of them. But when we went to Dr. Grinberg office, she didn't cry, and she opened up her mouth for him to look inside. Now usually she needs to be held down, and her mouth pried open with a tongue depressor. So I was HAPPILY SURPRISED by how GREAT he was with my child. From that moment on, we knew we had found the right ENT for us.

Dr. Marchlewski is a very thorough caring and knowledgeable allergist. He is very good with my son. I've been going to Dr. Marchlewski for a couple of years now and would highly recommend him.

Dr. Ryback is my favorite doctors. He always 'fixes' me (I have had sinus problems allergies and rhynitis for years) -- and no matter what procedure he does in the office nor what medication he prescribes or what procedures he does (I have had two -- for nasal-septal deviation -- antrostomy sphenoidectomy ethmoidectomy -- due to horrible sinus headaches -- first one in the 1990s -- immediate postop didn't feel too good (hard to breathe with packing) but when all that stuff was gone -- I could breathe! Fewer colds and headaches. Lasted about 10 years. Then blessed laser was invented and a few years ago had outpatient procedure to clean out nasal passages and it was like magic. He is a magic nose doctor! Plus he has the best sense of humor of just about anybody I know -- he is so funny and has me in stitches (not literally) ever time I go there. I highly recommend!

For years my sister lived with a large mass that grew and grew depleting her energy self-esteem and quality of life. My sister stopped looking at herself in the mirror and contemplated suicide. Then a co-worker told my mom about a head and neck surgeon name Dr. Jonathan Smith who specializes in tumors of the head and neck. My sister had no idea that the day she and my mom met with Dr. Smith that the lives of our entire family would change forever. Dr. Smith worked on my sister for what seemed like half the day. The incision went from her ear canal up and behind her ear and down making the scar nearly invisible. When she wears her hair down it’s really hard to notice. She had no complications and we all found Dr. Smith to be clear willing to spend the time to explain the surgery to my sister and our family and he was very accessible. My sister got married two months ago. Thank you Dr. Jonathan Smith.

This gifted surgeon saved my mom's life in 1993 when he removed a very large malignant tumor from her saliva gland. She lived another 13 years thanks to him before dying from a heart ailment. He is one of the most talented knowledgable doctors in this field.

Dr. Cece is an excellent doctor. My father is his patient and when he had a problem with the cartoid artery he referred him to a top notch doctor at NYU. He always returns your calls and spends time with his patients.

Good guy. Really knows his stuff and the office is very modern and well run.

This is the best doctor and allergy office I have been to. The office has saturday appointments, which is awesome. Dr. Ponda is a nice, soft spoken man who knows his stuff. I went to him as a specialist in food allergies, but he is good at treating regular allergies as well. He does not push you into any kind of treatments, just presents them to you and makes sure you understand everything.

Extremly competent doctor and staff. If you have ENT problems this is the practice to go to.

Dr. Glaser and the staff at ENT and Allergy Asso. are all world class. My entire experience with them all has been truly wonderful. The care, both before and after surgery, has been the best.