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Doctor Review


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Friendly and knowledgeable.

Dr. Portnoy is one of the finest doctors I have ever seen. He is not only very knowledgeable but a caring, patient doctor as well. I never felt rushed or unimportant...he takes the time to sit and listen to all of the issues and explains everything completely. The office staff is very courteous and helpful, one of the best doctor's offices I have experienced ever...would recommend to all!

I have been a patient of Dr. Palgon for years and have always been extremely pleased. He is thorough, professional and conservative in his treatment plans. I have referred patients to him and will continue to do so.

Dr. Bergstein is our family ENT and recently performed surgery on my 4 year old daughter, who needed tubes in her ears and her adenoids removed. He was not only a very skilled doctor, but made himself very available to answer all of our questions and concerns - and never made us feel as if we were a bother. He was patient and helpful. His bedside manner and interpersonal style is very relaxed and personable, and we all feel he cares about our care and how we are doing in general. Dr. Bergstein helped make my daughter quite comfortable on the day of the surgery and she was not nervous in the least. He is a "human" doctor - who treats us with the respect we deserve as patients - and demonstrates a great deal of kindness and heart. We are truly happy to have Dr. Bergstein as our family ENT.

Very fine doctor. He seems confident and makes me feel I'm like I'm in good hands.

We had the best experience with Dr. Godin and staff when my 2 year old son had tubes placed in his ears. I could not have been happier with the medical expertise and attention we received; I highly recommend Dr. Godin and team!

We had the best experience with Dr. Godin and staff when my 2 yr old son had tubes placed in his ears. I could not have been happier with the medical expertise and attention we received; I highly recommend Dr. Godin and team!

Not only is Dr. Aviv a wonder doctor, but the book is as well. My husband has had trouble keeping his meals down for a couple of years. We went to a number of doctors and he had many procedures and then to Dr. Aviv. We live in Central Jersey so going to a New York doctor is a bit of a trip for seniors, but so well worth it. At the first visit Dr. Aviv told us about his book and gave us the diet sheet. We followed the diet through the menus and recipes in the book and within ten days my husband was able to eat in comfort. Within a month he had almost no problems with meals. Since I do the cooking in the home, it just meant that I had to alter my recipes a bit, but that was no problem. Everything was written out clearly and simply. We have gone back four times now to Dr. Aviv and it is a year and a half later and my husband rarely has problems anymore with meals. He can enjoy his food once again. We did and still do follow the expected foods that are allowed. At any rate, if you are or know someone who is a sufferer from acid indigestion, GERD, or some such issues, go to Dr. Aviv, you won't be sorry. Thank you Dr. Aviv. My husband can enjoy my cooking once more.

Always easy to obtain an appointment. Dr. Kase is excellent in maintaining my health. I have a weakness in my lungs and Dr. Kase checks me every 2 months to keep me in perfect health!

Love this location and have been back a second time! Came here with some severe sinus congestion and knew something had to be up. One week prior I went to the local urgent care in Union Square and they gave me some crap that did NOT work and I felt worse and worse…I am SO HAPPY that I found Dr. Raithatha. He took his time in explaining what was happening with my nose and even showed me the video of how clogged and congested it was. He then explained in detail what medications I would need etc. etc. I was having some headaches afterwards and was able to call him afterwards for more questions and he was concerned and friendly…I am glad I found a great ear nose throat doctor for all of my sinus infections.

Dr. Leventhal treated me for a painful ear infection on the very same day that I was in such pain. He made a diagnosis, called in some prescriptions and reassured me that my infection was treatable. He also calmed my catastrophic thoughts and arranged for a follow up visit several days later. His treatment helped to start clearing the infection and pain in a few hours. His medical treatment and patient care are exceptional and very much appreciated. I highly recommend Dr. Leventhal!

Dr. John Cece is by far the best ENT doctor/surgeon and I trust him implicitly. He did sinus endoscopy many years ago and a rhinoplasty at the same time. The results were amazing. I am a regular at his office for sinus issues and the staff is amazing, as well. They have helped me so many times getting me a prompt appointment when I was in so much pain. He is a true healer and I know when I am in agony, I will get relief after my appointment. When I have been very ill with sinus issues, he has returned my calls and even called on his own to see how I was feeling…From a cosmetic standpoint, many people have complimented me on my nose and I have referred numerous patients to him for consultation and they were all very pleased with their surgical results. However, utmost is his skill as an ENT doctor and surgeon. I highly recommend this office and Dr. Cece without any reservation whatsoever! Wonderful, gifted doctor.

The most knowledgeable and genuine doctor I have ever met. I am the type to avoid doctors at all cost, however he understood my humor and really broke down everything for me. I would highly recommend him! The whole staff was warm and sweet and the wait time was not long at all. If you need a good ENT, see Dr. Raithatha!

One of the best doctors I've been to!

Dr. Godin helped set me at ease with my sinus issues. Very attentive and confident.

Dr. Litman is both an excellent surgeon and has excellent interpersonal skills. He and his office responded immediately to an emergency I was having and followed up with me the next day. He personally called me to arrange for me to see him in his office at a time that was convenient for me. He fully explained my procedure, repair of a deviated septum. Following my surgery he personally sought out my spouse to advise her about how the surgery went. He is highly committed to his practice and his patients. His office staff is extremely responsive.

Dr. Lin was extremely intelligent, knowledgeable, and thorough. It was evident that he knew exactly what he was doing. He made me feel comfortable and was also very kind. I highly recommend him!

I've been a patient of Dr. Aviv's for a few years now and I'm so happy I found him!  He's a fabulous doctor!  I was doctoring with several doctors prior to seeing Dr. Aviv and no one could find out what was wrong with me.  My first visit with him, he knew exactly what my issue was.  Not only was he able to help me, I brought my mom to see him for a spot on her sinus that was found on an x-ray from a different doctor.  He then sent my mom to a sinus specialist and I can't thank him enough.  He saved my mom's life as she ended up having a large tumor growing in her sinus attaching to the skull.  Dr. Aviv is extremely knowledgeable, very caring and an overall fantastic doctor!

Dr. Hekiert treated me for sudden hearing loss and was fantastic. She was knowledgeable, compassionate, extremely responsive and took the time to explain my treatment options. When other practices had waiting periods for weeks, ENT and Allergy Associates recognized the urgency for treatment and saw me right away. I can't say enough about the great work (and people) I've found at this practice. I recovered 100% of my hearing after being totally deaf in one ear... Highly recommended.

I went to Dr. Burachinsky for a bleeding nose and removing Rhino Rockets. He explained everything in clear and simple terms. He was able describe the medical details and his explanations put me as ease with the entire procedure. My overall experience was great and I would recommend Dr. Burachinsky to anyone for any of their ENT needs.