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In-office Balloon Endoscopic Sinus Procedure

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minimally invasive

Office Based Sinus Surgery

Using Balloon Technologies

B. Todd Schaeffer, MD, FACS Lake Success, NY

Dr. Schaeffer was one of the principal investigators for office based sinus surgery under local anesthesia using balloon technologies in November 2009.

Office based sinus surgery
will be more accessible for
sinus sufferers as a result

new minimally invasive technology. Thirty-seven million Americans suffer with chronic sinusitis and balloon technologies maybe the panacea everybody has been looking for. The results of a multi-centered research, where I was one of the principal investigators, demonstrated balloon sinus drainage in the office under local anesthesia was not only feasible but improved quality of life for sinus sufferers1. This has helped pave the way as we enter a new era of sinus surgery. Patients who are not candidates for this office procedure with balloons are patients with extensive polyps since tissue removal is not performed. Despite this, balloon sinus dilation with a balloon will certainly benefit a significant subset of sinus sufferers. Endoscopic sinus surgery is still the gold standard to treat sinus disease refractory to medical therapy. Patient selection is key and an experienced sinus surgeon who can perform in office balloon sinus dilation is paramount.1International Forum of Allergy & Rhinology Volume 1, Issue 1, pages 38–45, January/February 2011, Impact of chronic rhinosinusitis on work productivity through one-year follow-up after balloon dilation of the ethmoid infundibulum†

Dr. B. Todd Schaeffer has been an endoscopic sinus surgeon for over twenty years. He has been an innovator and experienced surgeon in minimally invasive sinus
and skull base surgery.


B. Todd Schaeffer, MD, FACS

ENT and Allergy Associates, LLP

Office based sinus surgery using balloons to open blocked sinuses

Balloons have been part of the armamentarium to treat sinus disease since 2006. However the initial technology was used under general anesthesia in the operating room with radiation (x-ray) guidance. Advances in technology have lead to elimination of the radiation in 2009. This has evolved to office based balloon procedures, which requires a different set of techniques, skills and technology. The patients who qualify for office based sinus surgery with balloons have failed medical treatment. Typically, they have been on at least three antibiotics over a six to twelve month period. A CT scan of the sinuses will demonstrate sinus infection or narrowed outflow tracts either causing sinusitis or predisposing them to recurrent infections. The advantages of office based balloon drainage are: minimal bleeding, (there is no cutting or tissue removal), quicker recovery (usually one day), avoiding general anesthesia and less post-operative swelling and pain. Patients who are on blood thinners (aspirin, Plavix, Coumadin and Lovenox) may be able to discontinue these medications for a shorter period of time. Patients who are not optimal candidates for general anesthesia may reap these benefits also (i.e. Chronic lung disease, asthmatics, COPD, sleep apnea, cardiac risk, morbid obesity, cancer patients, severe allergies and patients with anxiety or side effects of general anesthesia).

In-office Balloon Endoscopic Sinus Process
Small Sphenoid sinus pre-balloon Sphenoid open as a result of balloon dilation
Balloon dilation long island
Sinus surgery nassau
Inflated balloon in the nose dilating the sphenoid sinus

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Dr. Schaeffer was the first surgeon to perform Balloon Sinuplasty TM in New York State. He was the first to perform in office balloon sinus ostia dilation (FinESS) under local anesthesia in the northeastern United States. You can reach Dr Schaeffer at (516) 775-2800 in Lake Success, NY 11042


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