Sleep Studies

A good night’s sleep is critical to your mental and physical health. Night and Day Sleep centers provide comprehensive sleep services at 6 locations in the New York / New Jersey area and also offer treatment options for sleep disordered breathing. At our sleep centers we work with you to comprehensively diagnosis and treat your sleep disorder, so that you can get the quality sleep that you need.

Locate a Night and Day Sleep Specialist

As sleep study (Nocturnal Polysomnography or "NPSG") begins at 9PM when the patient arrives at the sleep center. The study ends at approximately 6AM.

The sleep technician applies head and body electrodes to the patient (approximate time is 40 minutes). The technician applies electrodes to the scalp with water-soluble paste, tapes electrodes to the face, and straps other electrodes across the chest and abdomen. The patient is asked to sleep shortly after electrode application.

The technician monitors the patient throughout the night. The technician wakes the patient in the morning. The patient is offered a light breakfast. Test results are returned to the referring physician within two weeks. The standard sleep study screens for various sleep disorders such as sleep disordered breathing (including sleep apnea), poor sleep architecture and efficiency, and periodic limb movements (PLM).