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Doctor Review

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To whom this may concern: It's all too often that people write letters to complain about bad experiences. I wanted to take the time to acknowledge wonderful experience I've had...with surgery no less!

Dr. Brian Lee Lebovitz (M.D. F.A.C.S.) is an Otorhinolaryngologist with ENT & Allergy Associates in Parsippany NJ. He recently performed my septoplasty and turbinate reduction at Ridgedale Surgery Center in Cedar Knolls NJ.

I am 35 years old and petrified of surgery. My last surgery was myringotomy (tubes in ears) at age 6. I have been riddled with sinus and ear issues since childhood and in my more than three decades in search of comfort and treatment I've been through multiple doctors and treatment options; none of which have relieved symptoms or left me comfortable to make surgical decisions. What Dr. Lebovitz did for me was truly life changing. He took me through this experience in a gentle and compassionate way. We tried several courses of treatment evaluated each along the way and ended the journey in a place where I was confident that surgery was the best option. I can't tell you how happy I was to have someone listen evaluate CARE and work through making sure my course of treatment was in my best interest and something I was confident with. I can now breathe and it's because of him.

Doctors take an oath to educate and treat patients. That is what they're paid to do and that is what is to be expected. Where Dr. Lebovitz is different is that he engages patients. He does nothing short of making them take ownership and accountability for their healthcare with his guidance. He's an active participant in his patients' health and truly works as a teammate in treatment.

I have really enjoyed how much I've learned about my horrible sinuses and how Dr. Lebovitz has made the effort to build true doctor/patient trust. It is so very uncommon these days and I think he's an exemplary model of what effective healthcare is and can be in this country. If everyone had a Dr. Lebovitz the world would be an amazing (healthier) place!

In my particular experience Dr. Lebovitz worked with me over the course of a year to evaluate everything from my allergies biological conditions (aka defective sinuses) short and long term medical history hearing and anything that could affect what I was feeling. He never let me leave the office without feeling like I knew what was going on...what the terminology and diagnoses meant...and gave me ample time to ask questions no matter how silly I thought they sounded. We reviewed surgical options and I was thrilled to know that he is experienced in new less invasive methods.

Through surgery his bedside manner was amazing and I was literally wheeled into the operating room content and excited to emerge. Post-op he made sure I was comfortable and didn't let me leave the surgical center without a high five and a smile. I had no packing or splints and pain was minimal. It almost brought me to tears to know what good hands I was in.

The point of this letter is to let you know that prior to meeting Dr. Lebovitz I had essentially given up on ever breathing normally. I had experienced doctors who suggested surgery as an immediate option but didn't make me feel that they understood my concerns or the span and breadth/depth of my sinus issues. I never felt comfortable and never had that participative trusting relationship. In visiting with Dr. Lebovitz learning about the 'how' and 'why' of what I was experiencing and subsequently electing for surgery my quality of life has improved. It's remarkable.

I would hope that through this letter Dr. Lebovitz gets recognition for standing out as a truly special medical professional. I can't help but think that my high five and smile as I headed home from surgery just wasn't enough of a thank you. I am unsure of what awards or special honors exist for outstanding doctors but I'd nominate him in a heartbeat. The only unfortunate thing about my situation is that now that my sinuses are in a good place I likely won't see Dr. Lebovitz so often!

Please let me know if you have any questions or would like any additional information. Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely Kristen

I am almost 60 years old and have been to many doctors over the years. I would rate him in the top 10. First of all he was polite good sense of humor respectful VERY knowledgeable but most of all..professional! I hope this doctor keeps up the level of caring and patient treatment that it is so hard to find in this crazy world.I went in for something that I was worried about and he calmed my fears without ever telling me it was insignificant or making me feel silly. Not only would I recommend him to you I am going to tell my entire family and friends that if they need a top notch ENT...I found one. Thanks Dr. Lebovitz. Did I wait long? Yes. And it was well worth it!

He was kind and explained everything to me and to my family and was very very gentle with the endoscope that had to be used to diagnose my problem. I don't think that I've ever experienced such a gentleman in a surgical office before. Our friends all use him and have found him to be gifted both intellectually and with his 'bedside' manner. When I was there one time a woman passed out in their waiting room. Dr. Lebovitz ran out into the waiting room to administer to this woman. She was not his patient but he sat there on the floor with her after she recovered and held her so kindly and spoke to her in such a caring and reassuring way. I've never seen anything like it before. Maybe the person who had to come back twice for a diagnosis required more testing to get to the right answer. They're lucky they didn't have an arrogant dr.who wouldn't admit to needing to chk further!