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Doctor Review

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Friendly and knowledgeable.

Great doctor, cares about his patients, knows his stuff.

A truly great physician. He explained the procedure, kept in touch with my recovery and was very kind and thoughtful. I recommend him to anyone who is in need of his services.

I am extremely pleased with Dr Bough. I find him to be personable,knowledgable and most of all very proactive in his field.

I had Dr Bough recommended to me by my Primary Care Physician after I had experienced several sinus infections. I knew I had the right ENT on the first appointment. Dr Bough explained my entire problem inclusive of the corrective measures needed which included sinus surgery. It has been one year since my surgery and I am happy to say that he solved my problems and I have been sinus problem free!!! Thank you Dr Bough!

Recently, Dr. Bough performed a Para-thyroid surgery (neck area)on my wife. The surgery was successful without any complications. He was very helpful and spent time to answer all our questions, before the surgery and during a post-op visit. After the surgery, we had some questions about her medications, Dr. Bough responded promptly by calling us at home at night. We found Dr. Bough to be very knowledgeable and a competent surgeon and have no hesitation in recommending him to our friends. Overall, it was a very pleasant experience for us.

Dr. I. David Bough, Jr, MD has managed my chronic nasal polyps without repeated surgery through his preventive and pro-active quarterly treatments. I have never felt more healed and confident with his professional care. From the moment I walk into his office and am greeted by his professional office managers to the moment I leave, I am extremely satisfied.

Dr. Bough has treated my son (age 4). He has a great bed side manner. He spoke to my son gently and nicely. He explained everything that he was doing. I would recommend him to anyone who needs an ENT.

Dear Dr. Bough I would like to thank you for the treatment and care that you have given me. You are a very special and very nice doctor. You care about your patients and do your best to make sure they are happy. I appreciate your concern and care very much. Thank you for being a caring doctor.

Dear David Bough MD I visited your office a week or two ago for a problem with wax in my ear and after I mentioned my long time standing stuggle with nasal dryness you were kind enough to give me a sample of Ayr Saline Nasal Gel. I promised to let you know if it was effective. I am reporting that it has been very helpful and I will be using it routinely from now on. I have been using it in the morning on rising and sometimes in the evening before bed. My problems with my nose began 40 years ago when I had rhinoplasty and began using Neosinefrin nasal spray before bed. For years I couldnt go to sleep without my nose spray. Eventually I was forced to stop using it because of nosebleeds-breaking that habit was difficult. I tried other saline sprays and even Ayr gel in a tube but this spray sample seems to be really working much beter than any other product i've used so far. So thanks again. By the way my ear is doing fine. The removal of earwax from the patients perspective is miraculous. Thanks for all your help

For the past 5 years i have been suffering from sinus infection and differnt doctors have treated me with no good result. I was also suffering from dizziness. by the help of Dr. Bough my dizziness and sinus problems have gone away. Even though that helps my snoring problem. Dr. Bough has dealt with me as a friend. He is really a humane doctor

Dr. Bough just performed surgery on me and I have to say I see improvement already - I have almost no pain and his mannerisms and bed side manner are phenomenal. Before surgery, as they were putting me to sleep he held my arm and kept eye contact with me all the way until I was out. It was a simple gesture but from someone who has been under the knife before it was very reassuring and comforting. Office staff pre-surgery was great too especially with scheduling and keeping me informed.

Dear Dr. Bough I am sure you know that my father Albert Kullback passed away while at Care One at Valley on September 23. I want to thank you for taking care of him while he was in the hospital. I was not only grateful for the medical care you provided him but also the gentle and kind way you treated him. I could not be more appreciative Very truly yours Barbara Myers

Dear Dr. Bough - This is a bit belated but I wanted to thank you for your kindness and excellent technique during my biopsy! As you know I was nervous wreck and the fear of the biopsy was worse than the surgery. Obviously you know the results and I thought I would just follow up and let you know where I stand. Again thank you for your quick care.