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Doctor Review

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I saw Dr. Carney for a sleep study which was followed up with an office appointment regarding the sleep study results. At this visit he removed ear wax for which my plan paid him $140, I paid $40 copayment at visit and was then billed $120. I paid $75 towards the bill through 9-17 and only owed $45. I did not receive a final but, but instead a letter from a law firm for $45! This was paid today. I was planning on seeing Dr. Carney for my future ear problems, however after this ludicrous letter for $45 from a debt collector I wouldn’t go back to him for a sneeze.

Excellent doctor! Made me feel comfortable and found the solution to my medical need! Would highly recommend!

Excellent staff from beginning of the visit until the end of visit Highly recommended

My experience with Dr. Carney was excellent. Prior to surgery, he explained every part of the procedure, answered all my questions, everything was on time. I found Dr. Carney a pleasant experience from beginning to end. My surgery was quite involved, deviated septum, polyps, infection, scar tissue. One week after surgery I felt good, now 4 weeks later I feel great.