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Doctor Review

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Dr. Bergstein is our family ENT and recently performed surgery on my 4 year old daughter, who needed tubes in her ears and her adenoids removed. He was not only a very skilled doctor, but made himself very available to answer all of our questions and concerns - and never made us feel as if we were a bother. He was patient and helpful. His bedside manner and interpersonal style is very relaxed and personable, and we all feel he cares about our care and how we are doing in general. Dr. Bergstein helped make my daughter quite comfortable on the day of the surgery and she was not nervous in the least. He is a "human" doctor - who treats us with the respect we deserve as patients - and demonstrates a great deal of kindness and heart. We are truly happy to have Dr. Bergstein as our family ENT.

I have been going to this practice for years and have always felt-well treated.  The doctors all take their time (that may be why they often run behind), and get the correct prognosis and remedy.  On my last visit, I thought I had an ear ache, turns out it was TMJ.  Dr. Bergstein gave me some corrective measures and my TMJ is better!

Dr. Bergstein and his assistant Melinda are very professional. They always welcome you and are so very friendly. They take time to listen to you and make you feel comfortable. I cannot ask for a better doctor.

Dr. Bergstein just makes me feel so at ease and comfortable while I'm there it’s wonderful. I had suffered for so long with sinus problems and he has made it a thing of the past.  You want a great doctor to make you feel better and improve your breathing go see Dr. Bergstein!

Dr. Bergstein is excellent and has helped tremendously in my treatment. Highly recommended!

Dr. Bergstein has been seeing me for years for sinus & reflux issues. He is truly a great doctor,not only does he help improve your issue but he is caring , he listens and explains in detail,many doctors are cold and lack a smile, not Dr. Bergstein, he is 1 of the few that are compassionate, bless him, I recommend him to everyone in need of an ENT doctor.

Entire staff was very courteous; I was very comfortable with the Doctor. He takes time to explain things so I can understand. I definitely would recommend him!

Dr. Bergstein repaired my deviated septum and removed all of the polyps and inflammation that I had in my sinuses. I am now able to breath through my nose again, after years of suffering. Friendly and professional staff too. Highly recommend.

Dr. Bergstein is a great guy and a fabulous doctor. I have had problems with my sinuses since I was young, and he's the first doctor (and I have been to plenty) who actually helped me. He has an excellent staff, and your waiting time in his office is rarely more than a few minutes

Over the last two years, it has been a pleasure to be patients by Dr. Michael Bergstein. Dr. Bergstein has distinguished himself to be a brilliant expert in his field. I have always found his assessments and care to be on the mark for patients of all ages (both for children and adults). Dr. Bergstein's expertise and knowledge coupled with his sensitivity and dedication to his patients is laudable. He recently performed nasal surgery on my son and the results could not have been "more perfect". My child is breathing better and feels "a million times" better. I would not want to use any other physician to treat my family!

I have been a patient of Dr. Bergstein for 2 years. I have always been most satisfied with his assessment, diagnosis and treatment. I would not hesitate in making referrals to Dr. Bergstein.

Dr. Bergstein is a highly qualified and dedicated physician. He recently performed surgery on my child and did a superb job on his deviated septum. In addition, he was extremely caring and answered all of our questions with utmost patience and professionalism. We traveled from a different area to see him and it was well worth it. I would highly recommend Dr. Bergstein.

All I can say is EXCELLENT doctor. I have been Dr. Bergsteins patient for 2 years. A very professional and prompt Doctor. Very alert and attentive. Took good care of me. Even removed excess wax from my ear which made a hug difference with my balance. I would send anyone that need an ENT Dr. to Dr. Bergstein. You will be pleased with the end result.

Overall a very positive experience

great doctor! very caring knowledgable and patient! recommend to everyone!

Dr. Bergstein is the most caring and considerate physician that i have ever met. He operated on my nose ansd sinuses and I am very pleased to say thatI have not been sick since! I had suffered for years with chronic sinus and nasal problems and now my quality of life has improved so much. He called me on more than 1 occasion at home check up on me and to make sure trhat iI was doing well. I am forever grateful to him and would