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Doctor Review

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This guy simple rocks. I cannot go over details because he will know who I am. But all I can say I am back to life I can go to college without the fear of not understanding anything in class. I'm confident to talk to girls anywhere. i have no words to say how he changed my life. HE IS TRULY AMAZING.

I myself was seen by different specialist over the last 8 months. Dr. Choe is a true professional listens to what you have to say follows through with notes for himself and spends plenty of QUALITY time with you. Dr. Choe is one who also provides options and lets you join in with his thoughts.Dr. Choe appears to be focused and and well seasoned within his practice.

Dr. Choe removed my cholesteatoma and rebuilt my hearing bones one month ago at NYEE. Now I can answer the phone with that ear. Today at the post-op visit he told me that I can go swimming. That's fantastic. I read so many unsuccessful stories online before the surgery so it really surprise me that Dr. Choe made the whole process so smoothly.