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Basic Guidelines for Healthy Eating

11/23/22 in Blog Posts

Eat a variety of whole plant foods at each meal and in between! 

  • Center your diet on whole grains, legumes, vegetables and fruits 
  • Avoid animal-based foods – meat, poultry, dairy and eggs 
  • Eat as much as you want

List of different food groups to include in daily diet, including legumes, whole grains, vegetagles, fruit, and nuts & seeds

Keys to Eating Healthy

  • Reduce or eliminate added fat and oils 
  • Avoid refined and processed, embrace whole foods
  • Read ingredient lists carefully
  • Eat an excellent breakfast every day 
    • Whole grains and fruit for example, but veggies and legumes are also good  
  • Proper hydration is crucial – drink water

Tips on healthy eating including avoiding animal & dairy products, oils & added fats, processed foods, reading nutrition facts, eating breakfast, and drinking plenty of water


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