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Testimonials for Our physicians

Our expert physicians, nurses, educators, and other staff provide health and medical information to our community through magazines & newsletters, local and national news outlets, and other media. The links provide instant access to this information as well as news about our latest and most noteworthy programs, services, staff and organizational accomplishments, and community events.

Dr. Lebovitz was friendly, knowledgeable, and thorough. I was comfortable even through not so easy times, and trusting his judgements. I strongly recommend him. The entire staff is also friendly.

Got to the office a few minutes early, he was able to see me before my appointment time (fantastic). Very professional, explained everything to me in detail, nurses there were also courteous and professional!

Hands down, my first visit to see Dr. Mithani and the facility was the best ever!!!! The facility was clean, in order, and huge. The staff were all friendliness, prompt, and accurate. The people there understood my needs and I didn't feel like I was being rushed. The process to sign in was different for me because they use an electric iPad to fill out paper work as well as making Your co-pay with a single swipe. Love it!!!!!

Dr. Mithani is great! She listened to my concerns and thoroughly explained everything she prescribed and what to expect. She is very professional but also very personable. Definitely won't hesistate to schedule the next appointment. Maria & Roshni were very helpful as well, they made sure I left with all the right materials (pamphlets, coupons, labs, etc). Overall i had a very satisfying appointment.

I only waited about 10 minutes beyond my appointment time. The ladies at the front desk were friendly and helpful. The technician who performed the scratch and breathing tests was so nice, explained everything . Dr. Vassallo was wonderful! Explained everything in detail, answered all my questions and is working with me to alleviate my allergies once and for all. I'd been to 2 other doctors and am so glad I came here!

Dr. Wasserman has cared for every member of our family ranging in ages from 7 months to 40+ years old. He is caring, warm, and extremely experienced, but also he is a great listener and sincerely hears what the patient says and prefers for treatment methods. He is our #1 choice for ENT.

Overall a very good experience

Very professional and felt comfortable from beginning to end!

Very professional and friendly, I would recommend him.

Upon signing in, I only waited 5 min before I was called into exam room. A nurse took my vitals and we added some info to my patient history. Upon entry, Dr. Block actually THANKED ME for choosing this practice to tend to my issue. I couldn't believe the graciousness and kindness he bestowed. I was blown away at that point, but it gets better. He looked at the problem area, explained to me what he was going to and proceeded without issue. He was attentive, concerned and professional. AAA+++

In less than 10 min, I was seen by Dr. Block. He THANKED ME for choosing his practice when he introduced himself. He treated my issue with professionalism, he was courteous and attentive. In this day and age, I never expect a DR to take the time and treat the issue all in one visit. He raises the bar as to my expectations of other doctors- who in the past, don't even come close! I will keep his info handy in case anyone in my family needs him in the future.

Dr. Brody was very thorough and explained everything clearly. She addressed my concerns. She was pleasant from start to finish. Staff was very professional as well.

Dr. Aviv is the best. He takes the time to figure out the problem and is extremely caring. I always feel very comfortable and taken care of when I am in his office. His assistant is wonderful too!

very courteous and professional. Dr. Aronzon was available the same day that i needed an appointment, and i didn't have to wait in the waiting room. Everything was smooth and efficient, the front desk staff was nice as well.

I have to confess I actively use Yelp however I rarely write any reviews, by rarely I mean like never, I've probably written one review ever and I use it almost daily. The reason why I am confessing, is to demonstrate just how impressed I was with Dr. Yao that i HAD to force my lazy self to write this review. If you have any doubts about visiting her trust me when I say she is great and Ive been to few ENT's as I have a chronic issue. She is extremely personable, easy going, knowledgeable, professional and up to date. Overall I was extremely happy with my visit and without a doubt will recommend her to my friends and family. I am also a nurse and a bit crazy when it comes to cleanliness and hand washing, the exam room was spotless which is a big plus for me.

All went well

Incredibly compassionate, funny and professional doc! Dr. Yarmohammadi has been helping me to manage my severe allergies for a few years now and I believe nobody could do it better. Highly recommending her to anyone from little to elderly :)

Excellent Doctor!!!

After seeing two different doctors, Dr. Yao was a breath of fresh air. She knew exactly what she was talking about and even gave me some notes on what should have happened before I got there. Not only that, but the office was amazing and the staff was so helpful and so professional. I would recommended Dr. Yao and her staff to anyone who is having ENT issues.

He's soooo nice! The staff was great too.Plus he took his time to explain exactly what was going on with me. He made sure I understood my diagnosis before we left the office.