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Testimonials for Our physicians

Our expert physicians, nurses, educators, and other staff provide health and medical information to our community through magazines & newsletters, local and national news outlets, and other media. The links provide instant access to this information as well as news about our latest and most noteworthy programs, services, staff and organizational accomplishments, and community events.

I have been a patient of Dr. Ephrat for many years. He is a great doctor. Super knowledgeable and spends time with you explaining and answering all your questions. He is also on the Dr. Oz show all the time.

Everything went flawlessly. Very quick and efficient. Totally recommend her!

I've had trouble breathing almost my whole life. doctor chowdhery tried a few different options to help me breathe easier. he recommended doing an in office procedure called a turbinate reduction. The procedure took about 10 to 15 minutes. No pain, no discomfort. By the time he finished even though i was numb you could immediately feel a difference. It took about 2 days for the swelling to reduce to feel the full benefits but i can't believe how much better i am breathing. I wish i did this year's ago. The staff is very polite and answer any questions or concerns you may have. I would definitely recommend Dr. Chowdhury and ent and allergy to anyone looking for relief.

Excellent visit. Had to take time filling out new patient info. I could have done that on line. Once I completed the paperwork I was seen. She answered all questions and gave a thorough exam. She gave me a computer printout of the visit which I found quite helpful. I would recommend Dr. Yao to a friend.

When my daughter had severe vertigo and begged us to figure out was wrong, we went from the pediatrician to neurologist and back to the pediatrician before turning to Dr. Hekiert. She was very calming and very thorough with her diagnosis. She made sure my daughter got the tests she needed quickly so that we could know the cause and assure her that an end to her dizziness was in sight.

I was diagnosed with Meniere's Syndrome in August 2011. After seeing about 5 different ENT doctors in NYC whom didn't really helped me feel better, I searched and searched on the internet and came upon Dr. Gordon's name. Went to see him and have been his patient since then. I still have Meniere's but he gave me back my life. He talked to me about this medication that is no longer available in the States but is in Europe and that controls my vertigo pretty well. He also did an intra-tympanic steroid injection a few times that helped as well. He is a very sensitive and understanding doctor and I recommend him 100%. He's always available. Thank you Dr. Gordon!!!

I have had the pleasure of dealing with Dr. Messenger for several years. He has treated and operated on both my daughters for their tonsils and chronic illnesses associated with tonsillitis. He is very caring and really relates to his patients in a comforting bedside manner.

Dr. Colen had amazing bedside manner and a load of knowledge. Her medical assistant was excellent as well. Would recommend to anyone.

Dr. McGintee puts child and parent at ease, respectful at all times, sensitive, caring, thorough. Treats you like an individual person. Spends time and lets you ask questions. Top notch and professional.

Dr. Colen was very pleasant and I felt comfortable with her. I would definately go back to Dr. Colen.

Excellent experience. Very professional and very informative. She took her time to explain my daughters diagnosis. Will definitely recommend.

My son who is now 6 has been seeing Dr. Messenger since he was under a year old. Everyone is friendly and I especially like how they talk directly to Tanner instead of talking to me as if Tanner isn't in the room. He always feels comfortable going to the office and of course loves the treasure chest for being a great patient! I always recommend Dr. Messenger to friends. He is worth the 40 minute drive we have to take!!

Dr. Messenger is amazing. I am now pain free in my left ear. He listens patiently to you - researches and gets the job done brilliantly. So happy my brother-in-law recommended him to me.

Dr. Hekiert is honestly one of the most compassionate, intelligent and patient doctors I have ever experienced. She is an excellent diagnostician and was able to accurately diagnose my son while several others were not! She has a great bedside manner and explained procedures and treatment in clear and concise terms that even my child was capable of understanding. I have and will continue recommending her to any family & friends!

Working in healthcare, I've become especially critical of doctors but the staff at ENT are some of the nicest folks in medicine. Whether it's a secretary, audiologist, nurse, or physician, everyone is always helpful and kind. Dr. Munzer specifically is exceptional. He has a kind disposition, is extremely thorough, and is beyond patient. While most physicians would have dismissed my symptoms as minor and ignored my near constant complaining, Dr. Munzer listened and was extremely knowledgeable, arranging a number of appropriate tests which led to a significant diagnosis. Through the entire process, he took the time to explain everything and ensured that I understood the information and his instructions.

This is my second time through vocal surgery and first time with Dr. Portnoy. I drove over an hour for appointments and two hours for my surgery and it was WORTH IT!! I hope that I don't need a 3rd time through vocal chord surgery, but if do, I call Dr. Portnoy without hesitation!

Very informative and knowledgeable in her area. Liked the fact that she took the time to work w my child during the appt and asked questions to get to know his health history better. Also liked the fact she didnt just easily prescribe him medication before givin him a diagnosis. Will definitely come to her for future ENT visits

Over the last two years, it has been a pleasure to be patients by Dr. Michael Bergstein. Dr. Bergstein has distinguished himself to be a brilliant expert in his field. I have always found his assessments and care to be on the mark for patients of all ages (both for children and adults). Dr. Bergstein's expertise and knowledge coupled with his sensitivity and dedication to his patients is laudable. He recently performed nasal surgery on my son and the results could not have been "more perfect". My child is breathing better and feels "a million times" better. I would not want to use any other physician to treat my family!

I have been a patient of Dr. Bergstein for 2 years. I have always been most satisfied with his assessment, diagnosis and treatment. I would not hesitate in making referrals to Dr. Bergstein.

Dr. Bergstein is a highly qualified and dedicated physician. He recently performed surgery on my child and did a superb job on his deviated septum. In addition, he was extremely caring and answered all of our questions with utmost patience and professionalism. We traveled from a different area to see him and it was well worth it. I would highly recommend Dr. Bergstein.