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Testimonials for Our physicians

Our expert physicians, nurses, educators, and other staff provide health and medical information to our community through magazines & newsletters, local and national news outlets, and other media. The links provide instant access to this information as well as news about our latest and most noteworthy programs, services, staff and organizational accomplishments, and community events.

I have found Dr Lesserson to be a very competent, informative, concerned practitioner. His manner is always pleasant and have rarely been kept waiting a burdensome period of time. I have recommended him to others and would not hesitate to do so again.

Dr. Daniel Grinberg and staff [provide] excellent service! Keep it up.....

Dr. McGintee is caring, knowledgeable, and a terrific doctor.

Dr. Eisenberg is the best doctor I have ever met. He is caring, spends time, listens and knows his business. I would recommend him without hesitation to anyone.

Dr. Sreepada is one of the most caring doctors I have ever seen. He always takes the time to explain the situation and has great bed-side manners, which is rare to find these days. Unlike most doctors, I do not feel rushed when I am asking him questions about my condition. He always takes the time to answer them. Last year he removed a lymphnode from my neck. Needless to say I was very scared about cancer. He took the time to answer the endless questions I had about the possibility it was cancerous. Because of his great expertise my healing went smoothly and there is no visible scar. If you ever need an ENT doctor, this is the man to see. I recently went for a follow up visit and again he answered all my questions patiently and put everything into perspective for me. I just wish he could be my primary doctor, beacause I have more faith in his skills that I do with any other doctor I have seen in recent years.

The best doctor I've ever been to. Nuf said.

By far, one of the best doctors I've visited. Dr. Grinberg is knowledgeable, professional and warm. He performed my surgery and explained everything throughout the process. I have recommended him to several friends and family members and they all have been very happy with him as well. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an ENT.

I have been very satisfied with Dr. Grinberg's knowledge and confidence.

Great doctor, knowledgable, professional, patient.The staff is very friendly and helpful, the doctor is always on time and very responsive to patients' needs and complaints. Bravo, Dr. Rodriguez!

I saw Dr. Sreepada a couple of weeks ago and I was pleasantly surprised on how nice everyone in the office is. Dr. Sreepada is one of the nicest doctors I've been to. He was pleasant and I didn't feel rushed. I will recommend him to family and friends when they are in need of an ENT doctor.

Dr. Ponda is very compassionate and spends a lot of time listening to your concerns. He is good at explaining his treatment decisions, and makes things understandable. He also got my allergies and asthma completely under control without over-medicating me. He is young, but professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend him.

I thought Dr. Lesserson was great. He preformed a total thyroidectomy on me 7 weeks ago. I was very apprehensive, as I had never undergone surgery before. He was very reasuring, spent time explaining what would be done, and the follow up care was excellent. He spent as much time as needed with me and the "waiting" to see him is worth every minute. Also would like to mention, my scar looks great, even after such a short time.

My first meeting with Dr. Suh was a very pleasant one. He seemed to be the only doctor who knew what he was talking about and he was the 2nd ENT that I've seen. I think Dr. Suh will be operating on me very soon!!!

Dear Dr. Bough I am sure you know that my father Albert Kullback passed away while at Care One at Valley on September 23. I want to thank you for taking care of him while he was in the hospital. I was not only grateful for the medical care you provided him but also the gentle and kind way you treated him. I could not be more appreciative Very truly yours Barbara Myers

Dear Dr. Bough - This is a bit belated but I wanted to thank you for your kindness and excellent technique during my biopsy! As you know I was nervous wreck and the fear of the biopsy was worse than the surgery. Obviously you know the results and I thought I would just follow up and let you know where I stand. Again thank you for your quick care.

My daughter inherited my mother's severe snoring problem. She is a teenager and was made fun of at sleepovers. She also had sleeping problems including apnea. It has been months since her surgery. The snoring has completely stopped. She had her adnoids, tonsils and uvula removed. I wish I had done it years ago. Now we all sleep better. Thank you Dr. Braat.