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Testimonials for Our physicians

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Always a pleasure!

She was great. Detailed, thorough and specific. While I hope to not have to go back, I would definitely choose Dr. Yao.

Dr. YAO was friendly, and very thorough. Did not rush the exam and she listened to me. She explained the reasons for her questions about medical history. Explained the steps of the procedure. This helped me to relax as I was nervous about ENT exam. Im glad I chose her.

I had a wonderful experience. Super clean and modern office - the front desk and nurse were great. Dr Yao is incredibly knowledgeable, informative and very friendly. Couldn't recommend more!

Dr Yao was terrific. She immediately connected with my three year old and put him at ease, seemed very smart, confident and was a good listener as well.

She is smart and informative and explains everything beautifully.

Dr Yao is wonderful! The audiologist and support and reception staffs are great too. I usually book an early morning appointment and rarely wait more than 2-3 minutes.

Dr. Yao is wonderful! Saw her 4 years ago and she was great, very helpful, explained what was happening to me, and what I could expect in terms of recovery. She was right on the money! I hadn't needed an ENT until recently and was pleased to have gotten another appointment with her...she is still just as great. Compassionate. Knowledgeable. Reassuring...truly makes you feel better about your health. HIGHLY recommend!

Dr. Yao is an excellent doctor. Besides her professional and courteous manner, she spends plenty of time with you to be sure you understand your issue and how it can be resolved.

Dr. Yao is the best! Takes the time to talk, really analyze your issues and address your concerns. Highly recommended.

Absolutely wonderful. Thoughtful, focused, and thorough.

It was a great experience! She explained everything to me. She was very pleasant and thorough. I would definitely recommend her!!

Extremely thorough, punctual, and attentive.

Excellent bedside manner, the wait was about 30 minutes, but the doctor and the medical assistant were very transparent and apologetic for what I consider a minimal wait. The office is large and clean. The doctor's clinical skill seemed excellent. Would recommend

Very professional service in every aspect!

Dr. Yao took the time to hear me out about why I was there and explained everything to me with great detail. Both she and everyone at the office were extremely friendly and helpful!

I loved Dr. Yao. Today was my first visit with her and she helped answer a lot of questions that have gone unanswered for me for a long time now. She was very professional and knowledgeable. So happy I found her!

Dr.Yao is extremely knowledgeable and thorough. The downside of thorough is just she came off as quite aggressive in questioning me (to the point where I told her this, and she apologized)- she's just trying to get to the bottom of things, which is, of course, good. But I wouldn't recommend her to the sensitive or weak of heart. She is a doctor who is genuinely interested in her field, she shared lots of latest research and studies with me, which imo, makes a patient feel valued and respected. She's not really one for jokes and smiles, but her staff is super nice, and the office is modern and pristine.

She's curt, but very thorough. If you're not the sensitive type, I highly recommend her.

I highly recommend Dr. Yao. She is very professional, knowledgeable and kind. She listened to all my concerns and explained the procedure step by step. Great doctor.

Dr. Yao was highly recommended to me. She was professional, knowledgeable and helpful in determining how to treat my problem. I was very happy with her care.

Dr. Yao was great and very helpful at my appointment. I highly recommend her.

It was a great experience.

Do recommend!

The front desk called me a few times for the same issue, and never provided me the online patient registration, however they are the friendliest front desk staff I have ever encountered. Dr. Yao is amazing! She was friendly, funny and informative.

I am 70 years old and have had nasal and ear infections throughout my life. Dr. Yao is the so kind, professional and incredibly skilled as a doctor. Today, I just had wax removed for an upcoming trip to Europe. I have had this done many times in my life and sometimes it can be painful. I was amazed in that she was able to perform this procedure with no pain showing kindness toward me throughout. I will recommend her to all my friends and family. She is fantastic!

Very well-knowledged. Explained situation and opinion throughly. Highly recommend

Dr. Yao and the whole office were incredibly professional, warm and pleasant to work with. I felt very comfortable and cared for, was given a thorough explanation of the entire visit, diagnosis and recommendations.

Dr. Yao explained everything very clearly. The who process was professional & efficient. The hospital is an easy access from subway.

Dr Yao was amazing with my 7 year old son, who had constant nosebleeds. She engaged him in the diagnosis of his situation, taught him while treating him, and made him laugh while getting his nostril cauterized. Simply amazing. The staff in her office were top notch too. Highly recommend.

Love her!

She was lovely and patient, had a laryngoscopy but she made it so comfortable, I hardly felt it. Lovely doctor, and I would highly recommend. But do allow extra time at the waiting room - you'll be asked to complete check in forms that take some time to do.

Very good and listens to all your concerns then gives your her opinion.

Dr. Yao was very kind, patient and informative. I highly recommend her.

I have NEVER been to a ENT and Dr. Francisca is an AMAZING DOCTOR. I have anxiety and she made that visit cool as a cucumber and guess what no xanax needed. I give her both thumbs up. My time was changed and it was well worth it and she explained explained every detail of what she was doing before and along the way. I really wish they had more doctors like her. Thank your Zoc doc for your assistance in your rotary and having such a wonderful ENT aboard to choose from , and yes I will be returning amd referring others.

Highly recommend Dr. Yao. She was professional, friendly, very thorough, very knowledgeable about ears and genuinely seemed eager to help get to the bottom of my ear issues! I will be going to her as my ENT from now on. Her assistant was also kind and the appointment was also very efficient in terms of my time, not much waiting around at all. Honestly can't say enough about how pleased I was with this experience!

dr. yao was wonderful. took her time and explained everything very clearly

Fantastic physician. Would highly recommend.

Very knowledgeable. She explained what she was doing each step of the way.

I have to confess I actively use Yelp however I rarely write any reviews, by rarely I mean like never, I've probably written one review ever and I use it almost daily. The reason why I am confessing, is to demonstrate just how impressed I was with Dr. Yao that i HAD to force my lazy self to write this review. If you have any doubts about visiting her trust me when I say she is great and Ive been to few ENT's as I have a chronic issue. She is extremely personable, easy going, knowledgeable, professional and up to date. Overall I was extremely happy with my visit and without a doubt will recommend her to my friends and family. I am also a nurse and a bit crazy when it comes to cleanliness and hand washing, the exam room was spotless which is a big plus for me.

After seeing two different doctors, Dr. Yao was a breath of fresh air. She knew exactly what she was talking about and even gave me some notes on what should have happened before I got there. Not only that, but the office was amazing and the staff was so helpful and so professional. I would recommended Dr. Yao and her staff to anyone who is having ENT issues.

Dr. Yao and her assistant were very nice. Dr. Yao answered all of my questions and was able to assess and treat my issue with my ear quickly! I would highly recommend seeing this doctor.

Dr. Yao is thorough and thoughtful. She explains procedures calmly and carefully guides you through them. She is also not interested in selling you anything that you do not need.

She's so pleasant, and always makes me feel comfortable when I'm there. I know my son is in good hands whenever we see her.

Dr. Yao is great. Very knowledgeable and professional. She initially treated my daughter and I was pleased with the level of service. I have also used her myself when I had hearing issues. I would see her again. My only issue is the wait time. Out of the 4 times I've been there for treatment, twice I've had to wait over 2 hours. Do not go on your lunch break or when you have a tight schedule. Depending on the day, you may have a long wait.

She was terrific: clear, helpful, kind, and patient.

Very friendly, professional, and made me feel comfortable!

She is always very professional, engaging and lets me know in full detail what the problem is with my ears. She's great!

I liked the check in via the iPad device. It made things much easier and alleviated the pen and paper that most offices have. Dr. Yao was very knowledgeable and explained all procedures before performing them. She had great bedside manner and took her time, making sure I had all my questions answered before leaving.

Excellent visit. Had to take time filling out new patient info. I could have done that on line. Once I completed the paperwork I was seen. She answered all questions and gave a thorough exam. She gave me a computer printout of the visit which I found quite helpful. I would recommend Dr. Yao to a friend.

Excellent experience. Very professional and very informative. She took her time to explain my daughters diagnosis. Will definitely recommend.

Very informative and knowledgeable in her area. Liked the fact that she took the time to work w my child during the appt and asked questions to get to know his health history better. Also liked the fact she didnt just easily prescribe him medication before givin him a diagnosis. Will definitely come to her for future ENT visits

Dr. Yao is amazing and knows what she is doing! My mom and I were really impressed by her and I learned more about my allergies from her than from my allergist! She makes sure you understand everything and I will for sure be coming back and recommend her to anyone that needs an ENT.

Dr. Francisca Yao is great! She is very passionate about her medical field! I was very impressed by her, and I wish more doctors could be like her. It was a pleasure to meet her, and I look forward to my follow-up appointment! 1. She is very thorough, intelligent, and considerate. 2. She actively listens to her patients. 3. She explains the why and how so that we understand the methods and reasons. Background: The reason I went to an ENT was because of swollen tonsils, sinus issues, concerns about my hearing, and the possibility of having sleep apnea.