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Testimonials for Our physicians

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I suffered from sinusitis for years. My nose was always stuffy, I felt horrible and I lived with a box of tissues next to me. Dr. Fishman suggested the sinuplasty and turbinate surgery. Dr. Fishman said I would feel a difference immediately and would be able to breathe. I was very nervous but Dr. Fishman walked me threw every step and made sure I was ok.. Dr. Fishman really changed my life for the better! Dr. Fishman's staff is always so nice and helpful. Danielle at the front desk is so nice and is always willing to help you with whatever you need. Thank you !!!

Dr Fishman himself was really great. I have had chronic sinus infections and tonsillitis for years and seen other ENTs and allergists in the city. He is the only doctor who offered solutions instead of just shrugging me off as another patient.

Dr. Fishman listened to me, made the correct diagnosis and performed the balloon sinuplasty operation on me. A month later, I am still breathing through my nose, a miracle.

I had chronic sinus infections for years and Dr. Fishman helped me become infection free and breath easier. ENT and Allergy is a great practice.

I have been to three doctors and he the only ONE who was able to diagnose my swollen glad as infected. As soon as possible, I'm having him operate on me to remove my deviated septum. This is a huge deal for me; if not for him, I would be living with it as I have for almost 10 years. That's how much I trust him.

I recently had balloon sinuplasty performed by Dr. Fishman. He's been my ENT for many years and I trust his experience and skill. My results are great, I can breathe clearly and the best thing is I'm not getting frequent sinus infections like I used to. He has treated my entire family and operated on my kids. I trust Dr. Fishman and we're glad he's our doctor.

I am very pleased with Dr. Fishman. I saw him for sinus issues that no other doctor could seem to help with. He fixed my problems and I now have a much better quality of life. Thank you Dr. Fishman!

Superior ENT Dr & Surgeon. Has excellent skills & perceptive judgement. No regrets being under his care for the past 15 years.