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Doctor Review

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We had a great experience with Dr. Dolitsky. He explained everything in detail and took care to make sure my 14-year-old son was comfortable during the procedure (a scope of his nasal cavities). He is also, as another person noted, hilarious, which very much put my son at ease.

Was very pleased to have Dr Dolitsky treat my son back nearly 18 years ago . Was caring and patient. Thank you again

We saw Dr. Dolitsky for the first time with our 4 year old twin girls today and he was simply amazing. I will recommend him to other parents who may be looking for and ENT specialist.

Great amazing Doctor very helpful very professional perform surgery on my son . Will go back to him again for sure . Thanks Doctor

Dr. Dolitsky is a great doctor very professional and knowlegable. Was very highly recommended by many people. His staff was just as pleasant.

This doctor exceeded all of my expectations. He removed adenoids and inserted ear tubes for my 2 year old daughter. Today is the day after the surgery and my daughter is feeling fine and I've noticed an improvement in her speech already. I am very impressed with the professionalism and character of this doctor.

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