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Testimonials for Our physicians

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I have been a patient of Dr. Cece for about 25 years. I've had 2 sinus endoscopies within that period. I trust him implicitly and highly recommend him as an outstanding surgeon and ENT doctor. He has controlled my severe sinus issues with appropriate treatment. When he insisted that I needed surgery, I followed his advise and am so glad that I did ! I feel wonderful. Thank you Dr. Cece !!!

AMAZING!!! I think everyone should go here, hehelped me so much.

AMAZING!!! I think everyone should go here, he helped me so much.

I finally had sinus surgery after suffering for over 10 years. Dr Cece is the only doctor that took the time to rule out other problems and decided that surgery was my best option. He's such a caring, patient doctor and explains everything thoroughly to you. I had my surgery on Monday and the...more

I finally had sinus surgery after suffering for over 10 years. Dr Cece is the only doctor that took the time to rule out other problems and decided that surgery was my best option. He's such a caring, patient doctor and explains everything thoroughly to you. I had my surgery on Monday and the packing removed today...I can smell and no clogged nose! I can't thank Dr. Cece enough for all he's done for me. I had the best experience and felt totally comfortable with him. THANK YOU THANK YOU!

I can't say enough about Dr. Cece!! I've been having sinus problems for over 10 years, going from dr to dr and none of them helped. I went to Dr. Cece last year and he has been nothing but helpful. So caring, explains all your options and doesn't rush to surgery. He rules out other options before surgery is an option. I finally had my sinus surgery on Monday and had the packing taking out today...I CAN BREATH!!! Can't tell you the last time I could breath out of one nostril and actually smell. He explained the entire surgery to me and what to expect afterwards, all on point! I highly recommend Dr. Cece for any sinus problem you will absolutely love him. I was a little concerned about the surgery but he eased my mind and the outcome was amazing. A VERY VERY BIG THANK YOU TO DR. CECE AND HIS STAFF! Dr. Cece is the number one ENT for me and my entire family!!

Dr. John Cece is by far the best ENT doctor/surgeon and I trust him implicitly. He did sinus endoscopy many years ago and a rhinoplasty at the same time. The results were amazing. I am a regular at his office for sinus issues and the staff is amazing, as well. They have helped me so many times getting me a prompt appointment when I was in so much pain. He is a true healer and I know when I am in agony, I will get relief after my appointment. When I have been very ill with sinus issues, he has returned my calls and even called on his own to see how I was feeling…From a cosmetic standpoint, many people have complimented me on my nose and I have referred numerous patients to him for consultation and they were all very pleased with their surgical results. However, utmost is his skill as an ENT doctor and surgeon. I highly recommend this office and Dr. Cece without any reservation whatsoever! Wonderful, gifted doctor.

Dr.Cece operated on me in 2009, for a deviated septum. I suffered for many years with sinus related pains and infections prior to going to see him. He is the absolute best ENT in the tri-state area. I have seen several doctors here in Manhattan and not one of them is as though as him. Not only is he very knowledgeable but his compassionate and really takes time to listen to his patients. I would recommend him to anyone that needed help. The office is currently under renovation but its clean and roomy. The office staff is friendly and very accommodating when needed.

Usually you can find a doctor with either great skills, bedside manner, a good listener, integrity and kindness but never in one package. Dr. Cece is the exception. I had a terrible problem breathing for years and unsuccessfully took all kinds of medication. I went to Dr. Cece based upon Internet reviews and was impressed. He explained all my options clearly and throughly. Finally, I decided to have an operation that I dreaded, but needed. I was reluctant because on WebMd, it mentioned that what I had could grow back. Anyway, I have a new life as a result of that successful operation and can't thank Dr. Cece enough - and years later, there is no reoccurrence. But even beyond that, I started a job in a hospital where the staff exchanges information on what doctors to see if we have health problems. Dr. Cece gets praised all the time. I'm thankful that I found him - he's not only a great doctor, but sincerely cares about his patients, no matter how much of a chicken you might be.

I went to see Dr.Cece for a sore throat and hoarsness. He was polite patient and very knowledgable. He took alot of time to explain things to me. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

I needed surgery to have nasal polyps removed and I based my selection of Dr. Cece on Internet reviews. From our very first meeting I was so impressed with him. Dr Cece takes the time to correctly diagnose the problem explains everything clearly calms the patient with his manner and is consistently respectful to everyone. I hate going to doctors and this was my first surgery but he did an outstanding job. It's been a month now and I am breathing better than I have in over 10 years. I can't recommend Dr. Cece strongly enough! He is the best I've ever been to.

Dr. Cece is an awesome doctor! I have life-long ear issues and haven't been to an ENT in over 10 years because I could not find one I was comfortable with. He is patient spends a lot of time with you and makes you feel comfortable and reassured. Office staff are professional but not very friendly or personable. Would highly recommend Dr. Cece to others!!

personable knowledgeable and helpful. Gave me the time I needed. It was just a pleasant visit with Dr. Cece and I left feeling I was in good hands. Would definitely recommend.

This gifted surgeon saved my mom's life in 1993 when he removed a very large malignant tumor from her saliva gland. She lived another 13 years thanks to him before dying from a heart ailment. He is one of the most talented knowledgable doctors in this field.

Dr. Cece is an excellent doctor. My father is his patient and when he had a problem with the cartoid artery he referred him to a top notch doctor at NYU. He always returns your calls and spends time with his patients.