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Testimonials for Our physicians

Our expert physicians, nurses, educators, and other staff provide health and medical information to our community through magazines & newsletters, local and national news outlets, and other media. The links provide instant access to this information as well as news about our latest and most noteworthy programs, services, staff and organizational accomplishments, and community events.

Quick and easy to schedule and check in for appointments. Staff extremely helpful, even when experiencing issues with insurance. Dr was able to resolve nasal problem with a quick and painless surgery.

I had a great experience with Dr Scheibelhoffer. He was very knowledgeable and was able to help me with my ear issue I had. I would recommend anyone needing a ear/ nose/ throat specialist to look no further.

I have received great care from Dr. Scheibelhoffer over the past year. He and his staff are very helpful and professional. I would highly recommend.

I have received really great care from Dr. Scheibelhoffer over the past four years. He and his staff are extremely helpful and very professional. I would highly recommend.

For starters, you should completely ignore the review left by Marina B. on 11/10/2013.   She must have seen a different doctor in another state that day, because there is no possibility her review applies to this doctor. I am a professional musician (singer and educator) who has seen ENT's for 25 years to treat GERD (acid reflux), the early stages of vocal nodules, sinus infections, and sleep apnea.  While I have been lucky enough to have amazing ENT's through ENT Allergy (no bad experiences with any of their doctors), no one is better than Dr. Scheibelhoffer.  It's not even close.  No ENT has provided me with such stellar knowledge and immediate feedback than this doctor.  He ALWAYS has the answers and goes to great lengths to educate his patients. Dr. Scheibelhoffer is the consummate professional - caring, compassionate, witty, and an outstanding sense of humor.  I walked in today, and he commented immediately on my sports jersey.  As he was prepping my files, we continued to talk sports for a few minutes before an inevitable nasal endoscopy was about to occur.   He knows precisely what to say to put patients of ALL AGES at ease.  There are simply not enough superlatives to describe this fine person.  Highly recommended.

Empathetic, caring and knowledgable. He has treated many family members who all had a positive experience. The entire office is run well, no need to go elsewhere.

Pleasant staff. Excellent physician, great with children.

I have been a patient in this practice for the past 15 years and find it to be well managed staff, exceptional doctors; very learned in their profession. Dr. Scheibelhoffer is one in a million. He is very concerned for his patients and willing to take time to listen and observe what method will help the condition. I highly recommend him to all my friends and family and the entire ENT Allergy practice.

Recently I had surgery for a chronic sinus infection not only did I wake up feeling no pain but i was completely cured and have been for 2 months I have been to many ENTs and Dr. Scheibelhoffer is the best He is also one of the most caring doctors I have ever been to.I needed to speak to him after hours leaving a message with his answering service, he returned my call in 15 minutes.Thank you Dr. John you are the best.

Dr.Scheibelhoffer's diagnostic ability is superb and his recommendations are always in the best long term interests of my family and I . He exudes confidence in his competence and you can count on him to get it right the first time. I have recommended many friends and family to him and they all agreed. He operated on my sinuses and I have never felt better! You will never feel rushed, and you will always feel you just received the best quality care. I couldn't recommend Dr. Scheibelhoffer enough.

Dr. Scheibelhoffer's expert care and treatment have improved my quality of life. My less than straight nose caused me years of snoring and sinus infections, as well as insecurity and hiding every time a camera made an appearance. We decided on rhinoplasty as the solution to my obstructive nasal issues. It is the best decision I have ever made. I sleep better, I breathe better and I look better. I have more energy as I finally sleep well and through the night. Dr. Scheibelhoffer is an incredible physician and surgeon and his care has improved my life tremendously. I am so thankful for his expertise, his thorough and compassionate treatment and the kindness and professionalism of his office staff in Wayne.

I would highly recommend Dr. Scheibelhoffer. He was very pleasant and took the time to explain my condition and all the options for treatment. He truly cares about his patients and takes time to listen and really makes us feel comfortable. He was also very professional, thorough, and kind. I recommended him to some friends and family and they all love him. Best ENT doc out there.