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Testimonials for Our physicians

Our expert physicians, nurses, educators, and other staff provide health and medical information to our community through magazines & newsletters, local and national news outlets, and other media. The links provide instant access to this information as well as news about our latest and most noteworthy programs, services, staff and organizational accomplishments, and community events.

Very informative, understanding and helpful. Explanations always make sense and are designed for lay people.

Excellent doctor. Caring, understanding and interested in the patients story and understanding of what's going on Wouldn't hesitate to recommend to family and friends.

On my visit to Dr. Lesseson I had the rare opportunity to meet the real professional. He not only immediately diagnosed the source(s) of my problems, and prescribed the treatment accordingly, but was attentive, understanding, compassionate. I would definitely recommend Dr. Lesserson to all my relatives and friends. Thank you Anna Etkina

Dr Lesserson is very informative. Great bedside manner. Helpful. Made me feel very comfortable getting my surgery. I was referred by my primary care Dr. Best referral ever. Carmine the surgerical coordinator she was excellent. Thank you Dr Lesserson and your great staff. Greg Telep

My experience with Dr. Lesserson was absolutely outstanding. He carefully listened to my symptoms, performed his examination and after a short discussion sinus surgery was my selected treatment option, although Dr. Lesserson outlined other options as well. The outcome has been nothing less than miraculous! It is amazing to breath as God intended me to. I get sinus infections less and can enjoy flying in a plane without suffering for 2 days from congestion. ENT issue? See Dr, L !!!

So pleased with Dr. Lessersson's service he was amazing with my daughter!!!

What a wonderful experience. Dr. Jonathan Lesserson is a true professional. Listened to my complaints, explained everything perfectly. Examined me thoroughly. Did not rush me out. My problem was practically cured in 24 hours. Office is clean and beautiful. State of the art! Staff was kind and helpful. Very organized. I highly recommend Dr. Lesserson for all your ENT needs.

Dr. Lesserson is fantastic. He's thorough and genuinely cares. You will wait a good 30-45 minutes after your scheduled appointment to see him because he spends alot of time with each patient. It can be frustrating, but he is worth the wait.

I underwent a total thyroidectomy and Dr. Lesserson was my surgeon. He was very detailed in explaining what needed to be done and what the outcome, possible side effects and risks were involved in the procedure. He made me feel at ease and knowing what to expect after the surgery helped in overcoming my fears. He visited me the day after the surgery and made sure that I was comfortable and was not experiencing any pain. He scheduled me for follow up appointments and made sure that the next steps which involved an endocrinologist were not left hanging. He recommended names and again, explained that though he no longer is involved in the next steps, he was still available for any questions. I only have praises for this fine doctor and will not hesitate to recommend him.

I had recently had surgery with Dr. Lesserson to fix a deviated septum. He was very thorough in preparing me for the surgery and telling me what to expect afterwards in terms of the recovery. He was also easy to reach in the days immediately following the surgery. He was right on the money with what he said to expect. The first 7 days were rough, but once I saw him a week after the surgery for a follow-up and he removed the splints, I was able to breathe better than I can ever remember. The breathing continued to improve for two weeks after that visit and I can honestly say that I breathe better now (at the age of 43) than I did when I was a child. If you ever need work done on your nose, Dr. Lesserson is the one to see.

I have found Dr Lesserson to be a very competent, informative, concerned practitioner. His manner is always pleasant and have rarely been kept waiting a burdensome period of time. I have recommended him to others and would not hesitate to do so again.

I thought Dr. Lesserson was great. He preformed a total thyroidectomy on me 7 weeks ago. I was very apprehensive, as I had never undergone surgery before. He was very reasuring, spent time explaining what would be done, and the follow up care was excellent. He spent as much time as needed with me and the "waiting" to see him is worth every minute. Also would like to mention, my scar looks great, even after such a short time.