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Medical Missions

Every year, a number of physicians of ENTA travel around the globe to donate their time and talents to the underprivileged and those in need. We congratulate them for their service and welcome them home.

Drs. David Bough, Mark Carney and Shawn Ciecko go to Guatemala City:

In 2016, Operation International team ENT traveled to Guatemala City for the fifth consecutive mission in five years... after traveling to Ecuador and the Philippines, The team will concentrate their efforts in this Central American country for the next few years making more of a global impact on the health of the Society and widening their footprint in this nation... below is a link to a 10 minute video that shows what they experienced in November.

Drs. Lee Eisenberg and Robin Brody go to the Dominican Republic

ENT and Allergy Englewood physicians, Dr. Lee Eisenberg and Dr. Robin Brody returned from a Medical Mission (their 6th!) to La Romana Dominican Republic with the National Organization of Healing The Children to provide critical medical care to children in need. In only a week, Drs. Eisenberg and Brody saw over 300 children and performed over 52 surgeries! Here are some great shots taken during the trip. Thank you Drs. Eisenberg and Brody for your beautiful contribution, giving back by providing health care to those in great need.

Medical mission pic-1 Medical mission pic-2


Drs. David Bough, Mark Carney and Shawn Ciecko go to Cuenca, Ecuador.

Team ENT was founded in 2011 by Shawn C. Ciecko, MD, Otolaryngologist Head and Neck surgeon. Shortly thereafter, he was joined by Marcia Levine, RN, and the team continued to expand to include Otolaryngologists from ENT and Allergy Associates (Dr. Mark Carney and Dr. David Bough) as well as Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons who are trained to treat both the Adult and Pediatric patient population. 

Today, Team ENT is staffed with a complete Adult and Pediatric Anesthesia team as well as a skilled recovery and critical care nursing staff who hail from New York to Argentina.

Our ISMS ENT members form a diverse group of individuals who hail from the shores of New York to the reaches of Argentina.Our inaugural mission to Machala, Ecuador ( a coastal region) in 2012 was followed by a second mission to the Andes mountains in Cuenca, Ecuador in 2013.  We performed 58 operations in 5 days and worked closely with the local doctors to bring the cutting edge of Otolaryngology and Plastic Surgery to South America.

ISMS Team ENT brings all there own supplies, medications, and instruments and are prepared to perform up to 80 operations per trip.  This undertaking means bringing between 30 to 40 bags of luggage and essentially three functioning operating rooms.

After a busy week of operating in Cuenca, Mr A., a farmer living 4 hours outside the city heard that ISMS was in town.  He had traveled throughout Ecuador for 2 years visiting many hospitals to have his massive thyroid goiter evaluated. Unfortunately he was turned away as most deemed his operation to be too risky.  With tears in her eyes, his daughter pleaded that ISMS add on one more surgery as her father had stopped eating solid food six months before due to compression of his esophagus.  The local otolaryngologist stated no one in the country would take on the operation.  The ENT and Allergy Team of MDs took 4 and ½ hours to remove the substernal goiter and one week later in the means of a text picture we had the thumbs up from Ecuador ( see before and after pics).

Our team is committed to treating the ailments of the Ear, Nose and Throat as well as the Head and Neck.  Our primary goal is to transcend political and religious differences and to focus our efforts on providing medical treatment to the less fortunate. We recognize that “routine” care for us is a distant dream for many and therefore stay committed to bringing them that opportunity.
To donate to ISMS Team ENT or to learn more, please visit their website at

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Dr. David Godin goes to Kenya

Dr. Godin visited Western Kenya to provide healthcare to many much needed individuals; Take a look at these great pictures capturing some unforgettable and rewarding moments giving back in Kenya.

Dr. Godin is part of, a non for profit non-denominational organization providing for the underserved populations of Western Kenya with much needed services in health care, children services (orphanage), housing, education services, and spiritual guidance. has been responsible for building orphanages, providing thousands with free medicines and surgical procedures, establishing rotations for pharmacy students, providing equipment and supplies for Kenya’s hospitals and clinics, funding and creating water filtration systems, providing thousands of meals to the population, designing a new community hospital and building a brand new school for hundreds of children in Western Kenya.

We are so proud of Dr. Godin’s work in Kenya and we support all the wonderful efforts provides to make the world a better place!

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Drs. David Bough, Mark Carney and Shawn Ciecko go to Santa Rosa in the Philippines

Our annual humanitarian mission for 2015 was a resounding success.  We travelled to Santa Rosa, Philippines, located about an hour south of Metro Manila.  Our team consisted of 3 surgeons from ENT and Allergy Associates, Drs. Ciecko, Carney, and Bough, and one plastic surgeon from Argentina, Dr. Cienfuegos. 

Together with 13 crucial support personnel we were able to perform 30 major head and neck procedures during 4 operating days.  Our Head and Neck Surgeons successfully removed large tumors from the thyroid and salivary glands.  Dr. Cienfuegos repaired many cleft lip, removed lesions from the hand and back, and performed reconstructive surgery on the nose. 

We hope to have made a significant improvement in the lives of many Filipinos who otherwise would have had no opportunity to undergo the treatment we provided to them during our stay.  For more information about this and previous missions, please visit our website at

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