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ENTA Telemedicine Virtual Appointments



Please note that at this time, we cannot offer teleconsultation services outside of the New York metropolitan area. 

Your health and well-being continue to be our top priorities. The current Pandemic affecting the tri-state area has required severe restrictions on travel and contact that has limited our ability to provide accessible care to you, our patients. 

ENTA is now offering patients on-demand access to quality care. To schedule a virtual visit, just call 1-855-ENTA-DOC

At ENTA, we are dedicated to providing a safe environment for you and your family to receive the finest Ear, Nose, Throat, Allergy and Audiology care.

Wishing you good health and safety,

ENT and Allergy Associates, LLP


What is a Virtual Visit?
A video visit is similar to an office visit, only instead of traveling to see your doctor you can video conference with them from your home. Our providers can assess symptoms, make a diagnosis, recommend treatment, and send prescriptions electronically to your pharmacy. This visit will attempt to replicate your office visit however may have limitations due to the communication method. Call your provider's office to determine if a Virtual Visit will work for you. 

How do I schedule a virtual appointment?
Call your local office or call 1-855-ENTA-DOC and request a virtual visit.

How does a Virtual Visit work?
Virtual visits take place using is extremely simple and easy. You can access from your desktop, tablet & Smartphone. Just click your physicians personalized room link that will be provided to you (like to join them for a video call. No need to download software or create an account. Just use a browser on a computer or device with a camera and microphone.

Will my insurance cover a Virtual Visit?
Most insurance plans cover video visits, also known as “telehealth visits”. However, it is important for you to check with the doctor’s office to confirm coverage.