Purchasing a hearing aid - Summary

Purchasing a hearing aid - Summary

01/20/2015 in article

A shopping summary - Where to go when buying hearing aids

Veterans, try the VA. Others, first consider a medical hearing practice that also dispenses hearing aids.

What to expect from the provider

An audiology degree or hearing-aid-specialist certification. A choice of several brands, styles, and features. Convenient hours. Walk-in repairs. Soundproof booth and several types of hearing tests. Rehab classes or therapy after fitting. Flexible trial period. Money-back guarantee.

At the first visit

Discuss your activities and needs. Focus on features, not brand. Ask about a telecoil, directional mike, and feedback suppression. Ask for residual amplification. Insist on product choices.

At the fitting visit

Practice talking on the phone and other activities. Review the product manual, warranty, trial period, and return and repair policies.
At home

Practice using the hearing aids in different environments. If not satisfied, don't just leave them in a drawer. Return at least once for a follow-up check, and go back as often as needed thereafter.

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