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150+ ENTA Doctors Named as Castle Connolly Top Doctors

8/11/20 in Blog Posts

150+ ENTA Doctors Named as Castle Connolly Top Doctors

Why Castle Connolly Top Doctors? Clinical Excellence.

The Castle Connolly Top Doctor selection process is entirely merit-based.

In the words of this Castle Connolly Neurosurgeon, "Clinical excellence comes from a passion to do what's best for each individual patient who trusts his or her life and wellbeing to your care."* For over 25 years, our research process finds those who share this passion and committment. These are the doctors other doctors choose for themselves. Look no further than the Castle Connolly name.
* H.Brem, MD. Johns Hopkins Neurosurgery

  1. Dr. A. Paul Vastola
  2. Dr. Abraham Sinnreich
  3. Dr. Adrianna M. Hekiert
  4. Dr. Agata K. Brys
  5. Dr. Alexis H. Jackman
  6. Dr. Amy D. Lazar
  7. Dr. Andrew Elia Azer
  8. Dr. Anna Aronzon
  9. Dr. Archana P. Mehta
  10. Dr. Arvind Prabhat
  11. Dr. Aylon Y. Glaser
  12. Dr. B. Todd Schaeffer
  13. Dr. Bora V. Kim
  14. Dr. Brian L. Lebovitz
  15. Dr. Brian Safier
  16. Dr. Bruce A. Edelman
  17. Dr. Cameron Budenz
  18. Dr. Chandra M. Ivey
  19. Dr. Christopher S. Song
  20. Dr. Craig H. Zalvan
  21. Dr. Dahlia Sharone Landa
  22. Dr. Daniel A. Scher
  23. Dr. Darren Hirsch
  24. Dr. Darsit K. Shah
  25. Dr. David A. Godin
  26. Dr. David J. Mener
  27. Dr. Deborah Rosin
  28. Dr. Debra B. Lebo, MD-Allergy
  29. Dr. Derek SooHoo
  30. Dr. Deya N. Jourdy
  31. Dr. Dorothy Chau
  32. Dr. Douglas D. Leventhal
  33. Dr. Edward Rhee
  34. Dr. Eric E. Smouha
  35. Dr. Eric J. Bergson
  36. Dr. Eric J. Cohen
  37. Dr. Eric J. Roffman
  38. Dr. Eric Thomas Scarbrough
  39. Dr. Erin E. McGintee
  40. Dr. Francisca Yao
  41. Dr. Frank Shechtman
  42. Dr. Gangahar S. Sreepada
  43. Dr. George A. Pazos
  44. Dr. Guy Lin
  45. Dr. Hale Yarmohammadi
  46. Dr. Harrison J. Glassman
  47. Dr. Harshna Mehta
  48. Dr. I. David Bough, Jr., MD, FACS
  49. Dr. Irene Yu
  50. Dr. Irvin D. Bough
  51. Dr. Jack Eric Russo
  52. Dr. Jamie H. Kiehm
  53. Dr. Jared Mark Wasserman
  54. Dr. Jason B. Surow
  55. Dr. Jason Moche 
  56. Dr. Jay Bruce Horowitz
  57. Dr. Jay N. Dolitsky
  58. Dr. Jay Rechtweg
  59. Dr. Jeffrey Jablon
  60. Dr. Jeffrey N. Cousin
  61. Dr. Jennifer M. Diaz
  62. Dr. Jennifer S. Lee
  63. Dr. Joel E. Portnoy
  64. Dr. John A. Cece
  65. Dr. John J. Huang
  66. Dr. John P. Dodaro
  67. Dr. John P. Sugrue, MD, FACS
  68. Dr. John Scheibelhoffer
  69. Dr. Jonathan Aviv
  70. Dr. Jonathan C. Smith
  71. Dr. Jonathan Lesserson
  72. Dr. Joon H. Park
  73. Dr. Joseph G. Feghali 
  74. Dr. Joseph Haddad
  75. Dr. Joshua Weissman,MD
  76. Dr. Justin M. Skripak
  77. Dr. Karen Wirtshafter
  78. Dr. Katherine Szema
  79. Dr. Kenneth A. Kaplan
  80. Dr. Lauren S. Zaretsky, MD, FACS
  81. Dr. Lawrence Z. Meiteles
  82. Dr. Lee Shangold
  83. Dr. Leon M. Chen
  84. Dr. Lynelle C. Granady
  85. Dr. Marie M. Camacho-Halili
  86. Dr. Mark D. Very 
  87. Dr. Mark Davis-Lorton
  88. Dr. Mark S. Driver
  89. Dr. Matthew J. Kates
  90. Dr. Michael A. D'Anton
  91. Dr. Michael A. Gordon 
  92. Dr. Michael A. Tavill
  93. Dr. Michael B. Tom
  94. Dr. Michael B. Tom
  95. Dr. Michael Ditkoff
  96. Dr. Michael G. Mendelsohn
  97. Dr. Michael R. Shohet
  98. Dr. Milo F. Vassallo
  99. Dr. Mitchell T. Kolker,MD
  100. Dr. Moshe Ephrat
  101. Dr. Natasha F. Keenan
  102. Dr. Neal C. Gehani
  103. Dr. Ofer Jacobowitz
  104. Dr. Patrick Ambrosio
  105. Dr. Paul A. Bell
  106. Dr. Paul J. Davey
  107. Dr. Paul Kelly
  108. Dr. Payel Gupta
  109. Dr. Peter Berman
  110. Dr. Peter J. Miceli
  111. Dr. Peter R. LoGalbo
  112. Dr. Philip Jude Passalaqua
  113. Dr. Philip W. Perlman
  114. Dr. Phillip Massengril 
  115. Dr. Prashant P. Ponda
  116. Dr. Raj Tandon
  117. Dr. Ramez Habib
  118. Dr. Rami Payman
  119. Dr. Richard DeMaio
  120. Dr. Richard T. Yung
  121. Dr. Robert F. Ward
  122. Dr. Robert J. Marchlewski
  123. Dr. Robert J. Sporter
  124. Dr. Robert M. Gargano
  125. Dr. Robert P. Green
  126. Dr. Roheen Raithatha,MD, FACS, FARS
  127. Dr. Ron Mitzner
  128. Dr. Ryan S. Borress
  129. Dr. Sara Axelrod,MD-Allergy 
  130. Dr. Scott B. Markowitz
  131. Dr. Shaan M. Waqar
  132. Dr. Shawn Christopher Ciecko
  133. Dr. Sima Mithani
  134. Dr. Stacey Galowitz
  135. Dr. Stanley M. Yankelowitz
  136. Dr. Steven B. Kase
  137. Dr. Steven H. Sacks
  138. Dr. Steven I. Goldstein
  139. Dr. Steven Lloyd Sabin
  140. Dr. Steven M. Gold, MD
  141. Dr. Stuart Ort
  142. Dr. Sujana S. Chandrasekhar
  143. Dr. Tamekia L. Wakefield
  144. Dr. Theresa J. Sohn
  145. Dr. Thomas R. O'Donnell
  146. Dr. Ujwala Kaza
  147. Dr. Vito Brunetti
  148. Dr. Warren H. Zelman
  149. Dr. Wayne Chung
  150. Dr. William Sher
  151. Dr. Won-Taek Choe
  152. Dr. Yelena Kopyltsova
  153. Dr. Zarina S. Sayeed

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