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Senior Management Team

Jason Campbell

Jason Campbell

As a leader and manager, Jason Campbell has built his reputation on his capacity to navigate multiple business areas. He has worked for ENTA since 2007 and is now the Senior Director of Marketing and Physician Relations, Reporting directly to the CEO, CFO, CLO, and COO. Jason has taken on a wide range of responsibilities, working creatively and supervising managers within multiple departments. Some of the areas in which he oversees are  Branding, Marketing, Special Events, Physician Referral Development, Healthcare Clincial Affiliations, Reputation Management, Business Development, Business Intelligence, Social Media Management, Application Development, SEO, and patient services. Under his tutelage, ENT and Allergy Associates has grown into the largest Ear, Nose, Throat, Allergy, and Audiology practice in the country, and there are currently twelve employees who report to him directly.

Jason fosters a data-driven culture at ENT and Allergy, driving actionable insights through the use of data visualization.  Combining data literacy with the expert domain knowledge of healthcare, Jason ensures that ENT and Allergy is pioneering the future of healthcare practices.  He delivers data analytics solutions specific to business strategy problems and physician-related questions.  All of ENT and Allergy’s physicians depend on Jason’s analytics-led approach to practice healthcare most effectively.

A people person by nature, Jason has cultivated strong relationships that impact the practice positively, and he puts effort toward connecting with everyone in the practice, both trustees and new physician associates alike. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated his aptitude at leveraging the right resources and the right people to solve problems and over-deliver on expectations. He is a deeply ambitious person who seeks out challenges, pushing himself and inspiring those around to push themselves as well. A professional who understands and respects technology, data, and communication, he helps to keep the practice ahead of the curve by advocating for intelligent, forward-looking additions within the practice.

Looking out for all the members within the practice, Jason encourages constant growth by focusing on clear performance measurements. He believes in the power of goal-setting, fostering more intelligent and efficient work processes within the practice, and spearheading initiatives that make both an immediate and a long-term difference. Jason has facilitated efforts within the practice to become known for his responsiveness and his patience.  He made appointment scheduling flow smoother than ever by launching the real-time online appointment system and smartphone app.  Because of the important work that he has done, ENT and Allergy Associates is now notable for patient convenience as well as outstanding patient outcomes. Same-day appointments have become the norm at the practice, and patients know that they can interpret the slogan “call us today, see us today” as a promise.

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