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Testimonials for Our physicians

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I was mis dignosed by several doctors until i met dr. Sacks. He saved my life!

Dr. Sacks is one of the most kind, professional and intelligent doctors that I have had the pleasure of meeting and being examined by. He left no stone unturned to arrive at a succinct result regarding issues related to my healthcare. Furthermore, his recommendations for medicines and associated formulas for me to take have dramatically reduced my specific problems. I would like to remind people that doctors are people. They can only do their best for you if you help them by sharing insights into your medical problem/s, listing the medicines and supplements you take, and FOLLOWING their advice. Thank you Dr. Sacks.

Dr. Sacks was by far the most comforting, knowledgeable, and helpful doctor I have ever been to. He explained everything he was doing, what everything meant that he was recording, and made me feel safe and in good hands. I would highly recommend him to anyone in the NYC area looking for an ENT .

I love this MAN!!! Dr Sacks is really really wonderful. If you are in NYC and need an ENT he is AMAZING. Over the years I was his patient I had to have 3 surgeries. His attention to detail and his caring bedside manner are UNMATCHED!!! He even came in and took out my IV himself so that I could be released quickly. I adore him and miss him since moving away from NYC.

I and several members of my family have seen Dr. Sacks for many years. He is kind, knowlegable and helpful. From my experience, he is an unsually good physician. I must admit that sometimes there is a wait to see him, but as impatient as I am, I think he is worth it.

I travel quite a way to see Dr. Sacks and he's worth it! He performed sinus surgery on me about a year ago and it set off pulmonary issues for me which were no biggie -- Dr. Sacks actually called me to apologize. The surgery wasn't totally successful so Dr. Sacks did extensive research and now has me on an oral drug regimen that has kept me infection free for 6+ months!

Unlike some other doctors, he knows what is important information to give to patients. That is, you don't have to drag an explanation out of him. Dr. Sacks is knowledgeable and has good psychological sense about how to relate to his patients. It's nice dealing with a doctor who is easy to relate to. And did I mention that he knows his stuff as well? Good doc.

I have been a patient of Dr. Sach's since 1986 after being trapped in an expolosion. I have severe burns to my throat and upper respiratory region. Dr. Sach's did multiple surgeries, opened an airway for me for my vocal cords to move and gave me a tracheotomy as I had nerve and neurological damage. My life before Dr. Sach's was full of medication and mis-diagnosis. I was fitted with a special speaking trache and have had it ever since. I still periodiacally have spasms and breathing issues but because of Dr. Sach's I am able to overcome the medical challenges that come my way. Dr. Sach's is by far the finest doctor I have even worked with compassionate, smart nad caring. He is the absolutely one of the best and I owe him my life!

I went to 3 different ENT's before being recommended to Dr. Sacks by a surgeon friend of mine. He has a great reputation and he deserves it! He is not trying to just throw surgery at me until we exhaust all medical options. He also walked me through my sleep study and explained what all of it meant. Go to him. You won't be disappointed.

Every doctors office is an inevItable wait that's just the way it is. It's how the staff makes the process less painful is what matters. From the the moment I walked into the ENT office for my appointment with Dr. Sachs, the front desk staff was attentive,curteous and professional. Some were even funny. My wait while slightly longer than I like was made comfortable by the girls at the desk who kept me updated and processed my paperwork promptly. Dr. Sachs was exceptional in his care during my procedure and made the whole experience so less stressful than I had worried it would be. I'm glad I made this connection.

I see from the ratings my experience was not unique but I just wanted to say Dr. Sacks is great. I have chronic sinusitis and am so complicated I've had numerous ENTs 'give up' so finding an ENT who will take me on and help in anyway possible is amazing. Dr. Sacks is one of those doctors!

Dr. Sacks is the best ear nose & throat doc I have had in my life. I have had chronic recurring sinusitis since I was 18 years old. I'm 37 now and have been seeing him for a year and a half. This is the best my health has been in 19 years. The doc prior to Dr. Sacks told me that I would not find anyone in New York who wouldn't make the same recommendations as he was. He was wrong. With Dr. Sacks I am healthy & on a pro-active maintenance program. With my previous doc I was sick for an average of 150 days per year and was at risk of becoming immune to Amoxicillin.

after a self examination revealed a small lump in the back of my tongue and the right side of my tongue was attrophied I saw 7 doctors over 7 months. I was diagnosed with acid reflux then a hyperglossal nerve one had an explanation for the attrophy of the tongue. until I got to Dr Sacks who did a though examination and suspected cancer right away and sent me for a pet scan which confirmed cancer. I thank Dr Sacks for his expertise caring and follow up and ultimately saving my life. I have now had the tumor surgically removed and am healing

Dr. Sacks is the best doc you could ask for on all fronts: communication friendliness humor and knowledge. He is the kind of doctor that all doctors should be. Highly recommend!!!!

m a physician and was referred by my doctor to Steve Sacks MD at ENT and Allergy Associates. I was found to have a parotid tumor and needed surgery but this surgery is complicated by the fact that the trigeminal nerve courses over the parotid gland. If that's cut, one can lose sensory and motor function along the 3 branches of that nerve which goes to the face, the forehead and the jaw areas. Dr. Sacks performed the surgery, preserving all 3 branches by carefully checking the nerve function throughout the entire surgical procedure. He's a pro. I've been cared for by his colleagues in his absence and have been very satisfied with their concern and care.

Dr. Sacks is a top-notch ENT doctor a great diagnostician and a truly warm caring sensitive wonderful human being. He operated on my son's severly deviated septum (due to a fall as a toddler) back in 1994. I am now his patient and have recommended both friends and family members to him. In short he is great!! Can't find doctors like him anymore with such a fabulous bedside manner. Dr. Steven Sacks is the only ENT doctor to see and Pauline his assistant is terrific and very helpful too.

If you need an ENT - Steven Sacks is the doctor to see. New York Magazine's top doc list for several years. Dr. Sacks operated on me almost 12 years ago for chronic/pan sinusitis, polyp removal, nasal septum correction and extensive work on several sinus cavities. Post surgery - no pain, no black and blue marks and no discomfort on the removal of packing from both nostrils. I see him several times a year for my asnomia (loss of smell and taste) in my case due to polyps and infections. To say he is compassionate and caring is an understatement. He truly cares about his patients and is always looking for the best treatment to provide, without being invasive. Through these 12 years, he has never let me down, has always been there to provide me with the best treatment possible, and gets me smelling and tasting again. A bedside manner that one longs for - you won't be in better hands with anyone else.