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Doctor Review

Testimonials for Our physicians

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Dr. Ryback is a consummate professional who treats his patients with care and expertise. He has great bedside manners and cares a lot about his patients. A real gem in the ENT field!

He is an exceptional physician

My name is Manuel Ortiz I suffered for two years with bad nasal conditions. I needed surgery my wife found Dr.Ryback from the first visit. I knew I was in good hands. He is a kind and considerate Dr. He took his time explaining all the procedure for the operation. Made me feel comfortable after the surgery, I felt 100% better he is amazing. Thank you Dr.Ryback.

Dr. Ryback is an excellent ENT doctor. His expertise includes all areas of ENT service: hearing, sinus and congestion, allergies and throat and tonsils. He is excellent with children as well and explains everything he does to the patient. There is no one better to see in White Plains and we cannot recommend anyone else. You should have full confidence that your medical issue will be fully addressed by Dr. Ryback and that he is caring, patient and super in his field.

Dr. Ryback is a terrific ENT doctor who can handle all sorts of medical issues from allergies, nasal congestion, surgery and hearing loss. He has taken care of me for over 30 years and he has excellent staff as well. He is always accessible and is ready to answer questions for a long as he needs to.  He also has the latest equipment in his practice and he is always happy to provide pictures of his work though his video imaging system. He also has a CRT right in his office that he can use for advanced diagnostics.  Dr. Ryback is the best ENT I have ever seen and I feel like he is a friend and part of our extended family. Little waiting and an accessible schedule is also a big plus.

I have seen Dr. Ryback many years. He has treated me for a variety of issues from allergy; nasal inflammation and has done surgery on my husband. There is no one better as an ENT that you can see. His never impatient when you ask questions, is very careful and most important knows what he is doing.

Dr. Ryback is a wonderful doctor. He has excellent diagnostic skills, and his work is always successful. I never have to wait to see him and his office staff is attentive and professional. He is skilled as a surgeon and I cannot emphasize on what an excellent doctor. Would not hesitate to see him in any ENT emergency.

Dr. Ryback is my favorite doctors. He always 'fixes' me (I have had sinus problems allergies and rhynitis for years) -- and no matter what procedure he does in the office nor what medication he prescribes or what procedures he does (I have had two -- for nasal-septal deviation -- antrostomy sphenoidectomy ethmoidectomy -- due to horrible sinus headaches -- first one in the 1990s -- immediate postop didn't feel too good (hard to breathe with packing) but when all that stuff was gone -- I could breathe! Fewer colds and headaches. Lasted about 10 years. Then blessed laser was invented and a few years ago had outpatient procedure to clean out nasal passages and it was like magic. He is a magic nose doctor! Plus he has the best sense of humor of just about anybody I know -- he is so funny and has me in stitches (not literally) ever time I go there. I highly recommend!