ENT and Allergy Associates & Mount Sinai: Lance's Story

The story of patient Lance is one example of how the affiliation between ENT and Allergy Associates and Mount Sinai bridge the gap between community and academic medicine. ENT and Allergy Associates and the Mount Sinai Health System have a unique clinical affiliation for the screening and treatment of patients with advanced ear, nose and throat conditions, including cancer of the head and neck. Patients can be expedited to highly specialized experts at Mount Sinai and then continue aftercare at their local ENT and Allergy office. This successful relationship has already benefited thousands of patients who have better lives today, thanks to timely and effective treatment. Patients can easily transition from ENT and Allergy to Mount Sinai within 24-48 hours without worrying about their Medical Records, which are sent over seamlessly. The affiliation is a true integration of community and academic based healthcare.