Hearing Aid Hygiene

Considering recent events, it is more important than ever to be diligent in the cleaning of our hearing aids and ensure we are taking the proper precautions before putting our devices directly into our ears. Before putting our hearing aids on for the day, our hands should be thoroughly clean and dry. Make sure the aids are all the way in your ears and comfortable so that there’s no need to remove and readjust them with soiled hands throughout the day. If necessary, use hand sanitizer before and after removing and reinserting your hearing aids while away from home.

At the end of the day, wash and dry your hands before removing the hearing aids from your ears. Keep the area where you store your hearing aids clean - wipe off the surface before taking off your hearing aids and place them in a tissue.

ENT and Allergy now offers cleaning kits, supplies, and devices to help keep them clean!

The Hearing Services Cleaning Kit (pictured below) includes a cleaning spray and cleaning wipes, which are also sold individually. You can wipe off any wax or debris with a tissue/cloth wet with the cleaning spray supplied in your Hearing Services cleaning kit. This solution is safe for electronics and can be used directly on the body of the hearing aid as well as the wire/ear tip of your over-the-ear devices, and all over your custom in-the-ear devices. For your convenience, your cleaning kit also comes with individually wrapped wipes that are saturated with the same solution as the spray bottle. Wash your hands again after cleaning your hearing aids and wipe down the surface you used for cleaning. If you are putting them directly back into your ears, ensure they are dry before doing so.

cleaning set

For a more thorough cleaning, ENTA offers the PerfectClean (pictured below), which was specially developed for safe and effective earwax removal and the cleaning and drying of all types of hearing systems in 60 minutes. The UV-C lamp disinfects 99% of bacteria on the hearing systems. The vortex agitation system safely removes earwax and bacteria from the receivers and wax guards in 20 minutes. The final cycle is a 40 minute drying cycle to eliminate all moisture present.

hearing aids

In a time when we are sanitizing our hand sanitizer, practicing good hygiene with your hearing aids is more important than ever!

Don’t forget: hearing well, even while practicing social distancing, is essential to our mental and physical well-being!

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