Tips for Managing Summer Allergies

ENT and Allergy Associates LLP Offers Tips for Managing Summer Allergies

ENT and Allergy Associates (ENTA), the nation’s preeminent otolaryngology and allergy specialty and sub-specialty practice offers essential tips for residents to better manage allergies as we near the peak of summer allergy season. Allergic rhinitis, or more commonly known as allergies, is an inflammatory disease which develops when your immune system becomes sensitized and overreacts to something in the environment. Seasonal allergies stem from pollens which are active in the spring, summer, and fall.

Understanding Allergies:

There are 2 types of allergies: seasonal and perennial. People with seasonal allergies are typically affected by allergen prevalent throughout the various seasons, namely summer, fall and spring. These allergens can be from mold spores or pollen from trees, grass or weeds. Conversely, those with perennial allergy experience allergy symptoms face year-round afflictions, most commonly related to dust mites or pet dander. Allergy symptoms typically include itchy nose, itchy eyes and throat, sneezing, runny or stuffy nose or feeling tired due to poor sleep.

“At ENT and Allergy Associates, we are constantly working to accommodate the needs of our patients, and get them feeling better quickly,” said Allergist​/​Immunologist Dr. Robert Sporter of ENTA’s Fifth Ave, NY practice site. “While many of us know about allergy symptoms, we may not correlate the constant fatigue felt throughout the day with them directly. When allergies are severe enough, it can negatively impact your quality of life. We suggest that individuals consult an allergist to get a better understanding of their own allergies and find the best path forward in treating them.” 

Allergy Testing and Treatment:

Allergy testing can help patients identify potential allergies. Through skin-prick testing or blood examinations, physicians can more accurately predict allergic reactions. Correctly identifying allergy triggers is a key component of effective management.

Treatment options for allergies can vary based on the person, but the most common and accessible treatment options are environmental control, medications, and immunotherapy. For the upcoming pollen allergy season, there are few steps you can take which can help you reduce your allergy symptoms.

  • Stay indoors when possible, especially when pollen counts are high or at their peak.
  • Keep windows of your home, workplace and car closed during peak pollen seasons.
  • Use air conditioning whenever possible.
  • Wash your hands and face to remove pollen.
  • Shower and shampoo your hair at bedtime to wash off accumulated pollens. 
  • Wear glasses or sunglasses when outdoor to minimize pollen getting into your eyes.
  • Wash bedding once a week using hot water.

For persistent symptoms, many allergy sufferers pursue the use of medications—either prescribed or over-the-counter—to ease the bothersome effects of allergies. Intranasal steroid and antihistamines are commonly used for this purpose. For those who want to avoid chronic/long term medication dependence, immunotherapy may be recommended. There are 2 types of immunotherapy: allergy shots and sublingual tablets (under-the–tongue).

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